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    Why those 65 percent never cared to respect democratic process?

    The much hyped and much contested GHMC local polls to Greater Hyderabad civic authority was held and the poll turnout was mere 35 percent in spite of government declaring the day as holiday and the polling started at 7 am , there cannot be excuse from any one that the time constraint was their failure to vote or the work from home were the hindrance. I cast the vote at 7 am when none was there in the queue and it was few seconds time I spent at the booth and thus participated in the democratic process but why not those 65 percent population of Hyderabad eligible voters?
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    People have lost interest in voting process. They observe that whomever they vote majority of them come for siphoning the Govt money in the name of development and becoming rich overnight. When a salaried person is not able to accumulate even a few lakhs rupees during his whole life then how come that many of the politicians are amassing the hundreds and thousands of crore money in form of real state and bank deposits. It is not understood and defies any logic. So, many ED and CBI enquiries are already going against many of the politicians. I am not saying that everyone is corrupt but whenever there is a raid by the enforcement agencies a lot of gold, cash, and land documents are found in their houses. Few years back that property was not there and suddenly they became so rich that enforcement authorities had to raid their houses. Things might have improved after 2014 but still there are lot of areas where vigil is required and there should be a check on these corrupt people. This could be a reason why people are not interested to go out and participate in vote process. At the same time all those who are benefited by the leaders in one way or other and are hand in gloves with them will definitely go and cast their votes in their favour and the corrupt might again win.
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    What ever it is they have the option to chose the NOTA if candidates are not liked.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Voting in an election is the duty of every voter for the democracy to survive. The Government should think seriously about making voting compulsory for all the registered voters. It is unfortunate that many people are still not voting in the elections.
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    We should evolve an online system of voting in which only the person having Aadhar card or PAN card or Voter card should be able to vote in a secure way. Those who do not vote their cards should be blocked. This is the only way for increasing the voting governance. In today's advanced IT technology such a thing can be thought by the Govt. I remember there was so much problem in IT return filing but once the online system came into existence, it became quite convenient and fast. I think going online makes sense in a country like India having so much population and difficulty in managing the things in physical mode.
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    Only in some advanced countries where corruption is lowest and governance is good we have a good percentage of voting. In the developing and third world countries, voting has not caught up with the general masses.
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    The bad percentage of votes polled brings nightmare to the parties as to they are sure of winning.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    What Umesh Sir has mentioned in his reply @#716520 is quite logical and I would like to add another thing and that is the present pandemic situation. When everywhere the authorities are telling people to maintain a social distance they should not question them if they do not go out to vote in large numbers. I don't think voting has to be compulsory. If people do not like a particular candidate or political party or even the politicians as a whole, casting the vote in NOTA will make no sense. For example, if in a particular segment there are 1500 voters and 1490 cast their vote in NOTA, 5 for Candidate A, 2 for Candidate B and 3 for Candidate C then Candidate A will be declared as the winner and not NOTA.

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    It's observed that people of urban areas are losing interest in casting their votes. They prefer to stay at home instead of going to stand in a queue. The percentage of using their right to vote is gradually going down. It's not good for democracy. Since, Hyderabad is a big city, this election could not attract the people to come in temples.

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    I came across a feed that hate speech among the parties kept the the voters stay put inside home ?
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    In my house, we have six votes. All of us finished the voting process by 7.15 AM. There was no crowd and we are able to finish the process in just 15 minutes including the time to commute. Many people this time did not opt to go to polling booth and vote. Various reasons that come to my mind are as follows.
    1. COVID 19. Many people have a fear to go and stand in the queue to cast their vote thinking that the chances of COVID 19 may increase. But this is not true. All possible precautions were taken by the EC near the polling booth and they are not allowing any voter without a mask.
    2. The election is on Tuesday. That day is a holiday. Monday was also a holiday due to Kathika Pournami. Saturday and Sunday. Total 4 holidays in a row. Many people went to their native places and not attending the voting
    3. Many voters are not happy with the way the candidates undertook their propaganda. People started moving in groups without any precautions.
    Whatever may be the reason, the poll percentage gives an indication about the interest our people have towards selecting their representatives from the people who are contesting.

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