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    The Government should give the AIYUSH treatments all encouragement

    Since allopathy is the only stream of medicine where the research facilities are huge, and billions of dollars are poured into it in different parts of the world, the assumption is that only Allopathy has a cure for many problems.

    This is just not true. For example, Ayurveda and Siddha treatment for Covid, in Kerala and in Tamil Nadu, has yielded the best of results. Time and again, it has been pointed out the infections have become very less, only because these two streams of treatment have been effective in building vital immunity.

    There are many other ailments that are sort of prevented in both Ayurveda and Siddha. Homeopathy and even Unani have their own pluses, and one is told that there is some advanced research going on. However, the Government of India needs to directly intervene and help these streams of medicine with generous grants for research.
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    Ayurveda and Sidha should not be ignored because of their tremendous potentialities of curing the patients eliminating the root cause of the disorder. Unlike the Allopathy System, where medicines are administered to suppress the spread of the disease. This system is successful in tackling the disease to a great extent but the same disease may surface later and in that situation, doses ad ministered in the past may not be effective. Either a new regimen is to be followed or there would be inclusion of a new medicine along with the earlier administered causing huge side effects afterwards.
    In course of treatment in Ayurveda, the concerned doctor would study the nature of the body constituent and accordingly treatment will follow with the herbs/ medicines suiting to his body causing no ill effects at the later stage. They too carry out research in relation to efficacy of the medicine. Sidha too follows the similar line. These systems have the potentials to treat the underlying causes. Hence these systems need to be encouraged.

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    I think Govt has already given a boost to Ayurveda by establishing a separate ministry for it and there is a lot of emphasis on these age old methods of curing the various ailments. People are already taking a number of Ayurvedic potions for immune building and resistance building in the body. There are so many formulations available in market by big Ayurvedic companies. So people are using it in our country to a quite good extent. In Northern India many people are regularly taking the products by Patanjali Ayurveda. As regards the benefits of these formulations in Covid treatment there is no established result and what we are hearing happening in Kerala and other places is only hearsay. It is true that Ayurvedic formulations increase our immunity and resistance to ailments and that people are already doing but telling that it can cure Covid is a matter of research, which is of course going on but is not concluded.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    Ayurveda is already a thrust area for the present Govt and they have given much impetus to it. The author's contention is to accelerate the process further and I also agree that this stream wants more thrust so that we may get some surprising results in healthcare industry. Ayurveda also has its limitation as all other sciences have but its effectiveness in case of prevention of diseases is something which is to be ascertained in more details. It is said that prevention is better than cure and if Ayurveda stands to our expectations, it would be a boon for mankind.
    Knowledge is power.

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    The present government is giving good encouragement to Ayurveda. They are starting many Ayurveda hospitals. They are giving research projects to Ayurvedic drug manufacturing houses and encouraging them to make new products which will be good for immunity development and also for curing chronic problems.
    In Ayurveda, there are many good medicines for many chronic diseases and there are standard books which give the formulations of various medicines for different types of ailments. The biggest problem is that there are no good doctors who can understand the system of diagnosing the problem and giving correct medicine for that. But now the government is giving more chances to BAMS doctors also. They will be learning this science and try to bring in all good practices into force. I feel there are very good days in the offing for this sastra.

    always confident

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