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    Be ready for next round of efforts

    In our lives we strive for the best and work hard for it and put all our efforts for success. That is the mantra given to us by our elders and same mantra then we pass on to the next generation. In practice although we work hard but it is not necessary that the results would also be commensurate with it. Actually results depend on many factors internal as well external and sometimes the results could be totally contradictory to our expectations. But it does not mean that we stop doing our work and feel bad about it. Such ups and downs will always be there and we have to take them in account and not be offended or discouraged by them. So forget what happened and use it as an experience rather than a bad memory. Be ready for next round of efforts. Life is like that. What do you think?
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    True. There is no guarantee that our efforts will be always fruitful. Irrespective of our hard work we may lose sometimes.
    In my B.Sc final year, I prepared very well and I fared all the examinations well. But on the Physics examination day, I was very sick and caught with high temperature. So I couldn't attend that examination. If I have to pass the examination in first class, I should complete all my subjects in one attempt ane there should not be any backlogs. I have no backlogs but I have not attended the final year physics examination.
    I thought and I decided I will cancel my final year results and attend all the examination that year September chance. I did the same and I passed the degree with first-class and the next year I joined in Andhra University for my PG.
    That is how we have to take the result and start our further efforts to be successful.

    always confident

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    It is said that failures are the teachers for those persons who can learn from them. Failure is definitely an experience of its own kind. When I did my PG in the year 1972, everyone thought that I would get some temporary job like lecturer in a college immediately. But it was a wrong expectation as after passing my course even in first class I could not get a job even as a temporary job in the colleges or universities as there were no openings in my subject and in the whole region there was one vacancy which a PhD candidate grabbed easily as a temporary lecturer. So my dreams were shattered but I learned a quick lesson that jobs are never there and we have make ourselves competent and competitive for them. At that time no first class PG would join a small teaching job or any other small job as it was thought to be against the prestige or considered as a prestige issue and even my parents and relatives told me not to join an inferior job and wait for a good opportunity. But I did not have that much of patience and I on my own will left home and went to a far off place to do a small job. No one liked it but my life took a big turn as I realised that world is a too big a place and there is so much to learn and struggle to go ahead. That was the day that I slowly progressed ahead and reached to a satisfactory career height in my life. I failed initially but took a brave decision to leave home. You only stay strong when you leave the comforts of home.
    Knowledge is power.

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    The author is correct. We always keep complaining that we do not succeed even after much hard effort, but the truth is that we all get tired before the last attempt. Therefore one should always keep trying. Do you know which one of your efforts should change your life, when a human is failing in something, then that person breaks inside and despair settles in his mind, he starts thinking of himself as the most loser and he feels that there is no more unsuccessful person in the world than him. It does not exist. But this is the time when a person should find the reason for his failure, except for his disappointment. The person should think about what was the reason that he failed in this work. One should always strive to achieve the goal, till its positive results are achieved. If after trying too many times negative results come, then change your way or path but do not change the aim.
    Swati Sharma

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    I agree with the author that a struggler should never give up until he succeeds. A person who yields himself to failure can't stand again on his legs to march towards success. Perseverance, consistency, sterling self-faith and self-confidence keeps a struggler's hope alive. I get this great lesson from small ants. which carry insects much bigger in size and weight but an ant can take away and in it's whole journey it falls with dead insect several times but every time it goes down, grasp it firmly and regardless of how many times the insect falls the ant doesn't give up and eventually, it carries it away.

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