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    Shaking ADs at ISC pages irritates and detracts our attention.

    Dear ISC and Members,
    For the last few days, I am observing that the Ads appearing in ISC pages are shaking that irritates us.
    Are you also having the same problem or is it only a problem to me?
    Can ISC do something to stop shaking of Ads?
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    Even I too facing the same problem. It's really been difficult to participate as ads come on the chat box and one need to close the ad first then is able to write a response. It's strange because I have been facing this problem from last 2 days. Also when we refresh the page again the ad appears and have to close the ad first to write or read anything. Pls admin help it's been very difficult to participate on the forums as I have not tried it on any other section so don't know about them.

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    Sun - the issue has been referred to Tony Sir. Yes, that ad literally has a shudder-shake fit!

    Sanjeev - what Sun is referring to is different from what you are stating. The ad you are referring to is a new type that has been introduced by Google and could provide good earnings for the site. It is not really a big issue. You can easily close it or point your cursor somewhere outside it on the screen and tap, then the ad goes away.

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    Yes. I am also having that problem. On the right-hand side corner, one advertisement comes and that will be shaking always. We have to close down the advertisement and then only we can concentrate on the thread. Just now I closed the add and started typing. I hope the issue will be closed shortly.
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    Vandana Mam apart from this ad I don't have a problem with any sort of ad here. I don't know about which ad Sun is talking about.

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    Yes, advt. on the right side corner of the page continuously shaking till it gets closed. Other than this, in the headings region of the recent forum, a small bit of advt. with close tittle. near it. Even if we click on the forum heading it leads to advt. Every time we have to close that advt. and then only the ISC forum headline we have to click. This procedure irritates a lot. When we are posting a message also the same thing happens and without closing the advt. we cannot type the message.

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    Yes, despite closing the ad it resurfaces again while posting in the forum. Repeated operations of the same thing in multiple times cause irritation and even the flow of writing is affected. It has come to our knowledge that these ads are from google Sites to earn money straight way from their end. To that extent, it is alright but the inconvenience is due to resurfacing the same once it is closed from our end.

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    I am also seeing a shaking ad on the right side at the bottom which is attracting attention but as there are so many ads popping out now and then it is not a big deal. Except this new dimension of shaking everything was there earlier also. My only worry is that accidentally and unintentionally we are sometimes going above these and may be clicking also erroneously and we are losing the Adsense revenue. So the revenue that we are earning through them is being lost due to their crowding only. A very peculiar situation but we cannot help it.
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    The ad just now disturbing me is about a University and calculator and they keep on shaking as if we are not reading that ad. Irritating should not be the marketing technique and this must be avoided. Net users do read the ads and even respond but over creativity from the ad makers are really annoying us and those who are using the mobiles these ads virtually block the response space and thus cannot type single word. For this reason my son Aditya stopped contributing for this site as he felt his creativity to write and contribute is being thwarted by those ads which are hindrance.
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    I am also having the same problem. Ad coming to the website is very common and natural and as usual it does not disturb the advertisement but for a few days this shaking form of the advertisement is giving a lot of trouble. After closing an ad, the ad starts coming again.
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    I do not see the Ads. The shaking and dancing of the AD has been stopped now. I only see the word 'close' appearing alone in that area (right bottom corner)
    Thanks to ISC for timely action to stop the nuisance of Ads.

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