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    Overthinking is not a wise aspect

    When there is a problem, we think about the ways and means of sorting out the problem. We think. we discuss and we ask suggestions. Once all this process is over, we will decide on a road map and go in that direction. Some people even after deciding a route to solve the problem continue their thinking and try to amend the road map. This I feel is not required. As long as the process move as expected we need not think again and try to change the path. Sometimes these activities will backfire and create unnecessarily hamper the problem-solving attempts.
    So think as much as you can before deciding on the path of solving the problem. We should stick to that unless otherwise there is a need for the change. I like to know the views of the members of ISC.
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    For solving problems and getting out of the tangles of the life one has to think logically rather than overthinking. In our pondering sessions, overthinking will never be a help as it will only complicate the issues and there will not be any positive result.
    Knowledge is power.

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