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    What is procedure of payment in ISC ?

    Vandana mam,
    My total earning is 303/. Can I upload invoice for getting it. Till now, I have no idea regarding payment issue. Please suggest me.
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    If there is a payment to you you will receive a payment alert from ISC and you will be given an invoice number also. Then you can go through the following link which will guide you to make your invoice and upload the same on this site.
    How to receive payments?

    You can go through the following thread and see whether you have any payment

    November 2020 Cash Payment Announcement

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    Go to the help topic you will find it how to receive the payment from ISC. Every month admin announces the list those who gets the payment check out your name in that and upload invoice you will get the payment directly in your bank account.

    How to receive payment?


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    What Dr Rao has stated is correct. You simply have to wait for Timmy Sir's announcement on the first of each month and the link he provides will lead to the page that shows the list of eligible payees. If your name appears there, then you will see a link which will lead you to the page where the Invoice No. is given along with the amount. The invoice format's link is also provided. You then download that Invoice format, complete it fully with the amount and then upload it as an attachment. The number of members eligible for payment depends on the site's earnings. So sometimes even somebody who has reached Rs.500/- may miss out on the payment for a month and it gets carried forward to the next month.

    I suggest you start submitting articles. Begin with something simple, like admissions. You just need to open the newspaper and check the advertisements. Then go to the official website of the institute/university, gather the information, prepare an article in MS-Word doc. and save it. Put in headings with appropriate HTML tags and give one link to the official website (it should open in a new tab). Fine-tune it, checking for spelling and grammar errors, then log in to ISC and submit it in the relevant category with a good title and summary. Try to submit a few articles each month and you will find it easy to submit even up to 10 a month. The points you get from the articles will be doubled for the Revenue Share Bonus (RSB) so then there is a higher likelihood of you getting a payment. Begin with admissions and move on to more informative articles on careers and other academic topics. Please see approved articles on admissions to get a general idea and then other types of articles. Avoid non-academic one as per the move towards the new niche on academics. Just make sure that you first check if somebody has already submitted the admission's article or career guidance topic via the search box and also in the list of new submissions.

    So submit one article, an editor will review it and if changes are required will put in instructions. Be patient, make necessary corrections, and you will reap the rewards. You will also gradually enjoy just writing!

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    Sanchita Ranjan,
    As of now, your total earning is only Rs. 303/-. ISC makes its initial payment to a member when the member's earning just crosses Rs. 300/- . You have earned Rs. 303/- so far. Probably, you will receive your first payment of Rs. 300/- on 01 January 2021. Your payment invoice detail will be available in your Gifts and Awards page. Click the 'details' to upload your invoice. The invoice will contain your Name (as per the bank passbook) , the Bank account details(Account No & IFSC ), Address, phone no. Secret PIN (you need to create), with the invoice number& date. After uploading, ISC will transfer the amount to your bank account. You will be intimated through an e-mail.

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    Actually in the payment settings there is a place where you have to input and mention as what is the amount that above which an alert for you is to be generated for payment. If you have not filled that then it is better to fill that blank in payment setting page. Otherwise the default payment cut off for a particular month might be applicable for all such members who have not specified any value in that box as I mentioned above. ISC payment process is very streamlined and member friendly and you can simply wait and at an appropriate time when you truly deserve a payment your name will be reflected in the payment announcement.

    To the new members my advice is that do not bother for the payment as ISC takes care of that very systematically and you need not to remind for it. What we have to focus is contribute quality material in different sections of our choice and also contribute voluminously and that is the way to speedy payments. To achieve this one has to spare more time in ISC and payments will automatically follow.

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