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    Should we vaccinate the entire population of India to release from the clutches of Covid-19?

    We expect that the vaccine against Covid-19 would be ready soon at anytime after 2020. India has a population of 135+ crores spread around 29 states.

    The personnel affected by corona are only a single crore. And the discharged personnel are about 90 percent. Death rates is below one percent.

    With the above statistics, is it necessary for all Indians to be vaccinated? Can't we administer the vaccine on selective basis.

    I sincerely think that we need to vaccinate only 10 percent (13 crore) of Indian public to break the virus chain.

    Let us discuss.
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    Many vaccines are now coming one by one but their actual efficacy will be only known after they are given to the people. When the sample size is large then only the correct picture about the vaccine cane known from a clinical point of view. So, there will be a tendency to give vaccine to everyone so that sample size becomes large and its effectiveness in percentage terms is known whether it is 94 or 96 or 98 or 100%. Another thing is when the question of eradication comes on the front then giving vaccine to a few will not help. I remember during the hepatitis B, cholera, swine flu, and many others same point came for consideration and it was found that it is better to cover as many people as possible. Medically the stand is that even a single person can bring back the infection on the whole planet if proper care and isolation is not maintained.
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    The Health Secretary to the Government of India has already indicated that a critical mass of the population is likely to be vaccinated to break the spread of the coronavirus. The Chief of the Indian Council of Medical Research also said that it may not be necessary to vaccinate the entire population and the decision in that matter will be dependent on the efficiency of the vaccine. 10% of the population is too small a figure. It was previously expected that not less than 60% of the population need to be vaccinated to break the spread of the virus.
    The Government figures show that less than a crore of the population is affected by the virus but other estimates indicate a higher number of people are affected.
    The Health Secretary has stated that the Government never talked of vaccinating the entire population of the country. The vaccination of targeted people may not go well with the public as everyone feels that he should get the vaccine. The Government has called for an all-party meet on 4th. of this month and a decision may be taken after that meeting. The experts in the field will decide as to who should be vaccinated and the public has to go by the decision of the Government.

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    From what I have read, the efficacy of the vaccine will not be known till the second dose. Apparently Haryana Health Minister Anil Vij got Covid infection despite taking the shot, and then clarified that the Drs. informed him that antibodies would develop 14 days after the second dose only.

    Frankly, it is all so uncertain that people are unsure whether or not to take the vaccine and whether perfectly healthy people should take it in the first place.

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