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    Skill development becomes imperative to overcome the job losses

    Do you consider skill development programs effective in helping an individual to deal with job losses and find work opportunities?

    Skill development becomes an indispensable part of the current scenario when jobs are shrinking and the economy weakening in the country. In the covid pandemic, the economy is badly hit and people lost jobs which hampered the normal life of people. Though efforts are on to revive the economy but right now seems difficult to immediately normalize the situation.

    However, what I feel is skill development can take us closer to prosperity and generate more employability if paid proper attention. Skill development provides more opportunities and people can earn some bucks easily without being dependant on others. There are many sectors which can provide training to candidates and make them job-ready. Although current coronavirus situation doesn't allow people to move out freely, certain skills can strengthen the employability of people and will allow them to work even from home.

    I also feel traditional degrees ineffective in the current job market, therefore, I strongly feel more focus should be given to skill development programs to reduce the job crunch in the market.
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    It is a nice proposition by the author. The academic education is not going to get a job easily as is very much evident from the status of the job market today in our country. Technical certificates or trade certificates would be more useful in the current scenario. Unfortunately in our educational policies we could not amalgamate the skill based education in our schools in time and now we all are realising its importance. I remember when we were studying in class XI we had a phobia of laboratory practicals which are actually the skill jobs. We thought it as a liability on us and somehow reluctantly we conducted them. Many students escaped doing the practicals and were seen playing football on the playground. Once a while a teacher would come and used to explain how to do a particular practical. Today, I realise that we missed a great opportunity of learning at that time itself.
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    Skill development is an important need which is very important to be in today's youth, only then they will be able to build their career in the right form. Everyone needs to work in this direction. By the way, unemployment has emerged as a major problem in India at this present time. A major reason for this can be attributed to the weak state of skill development in India. By the way, to overcome this problem of skill development in India, the emphasis is on Tire but it is also true that the government is facing many challenges for this. Today's youth will have to understand that taking a degree alone does not create a future but it is important to develop both practical knowledge and skills equally.
    Swati Sharma

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    I do agree with the author's view. Now-a- days, It is much-needed to skill development for everyone in this pandemic. Millions of people lost their job due to coronavirus. In such a situation, people sustain their life only by developing skill. Only degree and certificate will not work in life. I strongly feel that there has been a great lack of skill-based education in our country. Our govt should emphasis on skill-based education not for now only but forever. I think practical knowledge is as important as theoretical knowledge.

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    The author and the members responded so far stressed the need for skill development. They all reiterated that skill development is the best solution for a person to sustain and the Government should do all that is necessary for imparting skills to the youth.
    There are a number of schemes available to the youth to develop one skill or the other. One thing that needs to be considered is the aptitude of the youth for learning such trades. Everyone wants a white collared job and not prepared to do any work that requires manual labor. This tendency is one of the reasons for not developing skills.

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    Skill development is a good idea though, but it's not so simple and easy. First, which skills are to be developed. Second, How much time this skill development will take. This skill development programme is mainly applicable to young age people who have time and money to invest but what about those who are already married or unmarried have big responsibilities on their shoulders to run their family. And skill development needs some time , not a few days or a few months but years to be expert in a particular trade. Now what these jobless people should during this period may be a good question for them.
    Reality of this present scenario is quite horrible, young girls who lost the job during lock down have not got any employment, so, many of them have entered into flesh business. Yes, you read it correct, they have accepted prostitution as their profession to bear expenses of their family. Their families don't know about these young girls that they are selling their bodies every night to strangers for the sake of their family. Although, they are earning 10 to 20 thousand per night, yet they are not happy.

    Who are their costumers? obviously, Honourable Gentlemen of this society.

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    Most of the students go to academic sides and do not choose trade or certificate courses where actually skills are learnt. Then, when they do not get a job or are not able to generate self employment then complain that jobs are not there.
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    Skill development is not doing manual labour. There are courses which help candidates earn handsome money and live happily. Mobile repair is one such course besides many other courses that a candidate can pursue to be self-dependent.

    For those who are now married, there is no harm in enrolling for a skill development program. And govt should also take the necessary step to make such programs available to everyone irrespective of their age.

    Students can also take add-on courses and do certificate courses while pursuing their degree in college to generate self-employment opportunities.

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    Skill development is a very important factor these days. A carpenter's son in Hyderabad did his B.Tech. While studying, he started helping his father in his profession and he learned the skill of carpentry. After B.Tech he started his own interior decorators business and he is employing 10 carpenters and earning very good money. This all happened because of his skill in carpentry. Even today he works with his own hands Supervises his subordinates and trains them. That is the speciality in skill development.
    If you know how to operate a lathe machine you can start doing job works by purchasing a lathe machine. Just these are the examples. Traditional education may give you in-depth knowledge about the subject. But it will not give you hands-on experience with machines and they will not have any practical experience,

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