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    Adulterated honey being sold by big brands. Business ethics reaching new low.

    I have in past asked in Ask Expert section means to identify pure honey, as I knew it very well that the most popular brands sell adulterated products. Today in an investigation by Centre for Science and Environment (CSE), top 13 brands including Dabur, Patanjali, Zandu, Hitkari, Baidyanath, APIs Himalaya, etc all have failed.

    More than 77% of samples failed in the tests conducted by CSE. The technique used was Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy (NMR) test, which is an international test and Indian tests have always failed to detect the adulteration. The adulteration was of sugar syrup which was imported from China as fructose viz, golden syrup, invert sugar syrup and rice syrup. These syrups always passed the food standards as setup by Indian Food Safety Standards.

    The cheap business tactics of gooling people to pocket money and causing immense health damage in general is not acceptable.

    We need to be very cautious as big name is not a measure of purity, promise or quality. Your safety is in your hands.
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    Adulteration has increased very much in the industries and that is responsible for the failure test as mentioned by the author. In almost every product there is some adulteration which is very harmful for the public health. The authorities have to take it seriously and cancel the licenses of the big firms also and then only they will learn a lesson. For tackling with adulteration good governance and public support both are required.
    Knowledge is power.

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