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    Why do people like a dog as their pet?

    When sons and daughters become rebellious to their parents, discard them under the same roof or leave them behind as hapless. They forget what these old parents did for them when they were small kids. They cared about them, raised them with love, affection and educated them and enabled them to stand on their feet.

    When the friend whom someone trusted blindfolded. He spent his money on him and stood by him whenever he required him to be with him. But when the time changed his friend turned his face from him.

    When a person who worked hard all his life to earn wealth and to make his status high. He invested all his energy, time, dedication but this money left him squirming in trouble.

    When a person who earned the name, fame by his skills, talents, knowledge but all of a sudden vagaries in life changed everything and all his reputation disappeared somewhere.

    In this situation when everybody in this selfish world leaves everyone his pet dog never leaves him. It is always loyal to his master whether his master is rich or poor, popular or unpopular under all circumstances, his dog will remain with his master.
    Is this the reason why people like dog as their pet ?
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    Out of all the animals which people keep as pets, dog is the most faithful and affectionate one. For example cat is also a lovely pet animal but they do not have the sense of loyalty or devotion to the owner. If some danger is there cat will escape immediately and forget about the owner. The one quality that dog has is that it recognises its master distinctly and will obey him. Trained dogs do not take food till the owner asks them to have it.
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