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    What is your quickest and easiest break fast preparation?

    Usually, in South India, the Idly or Dosa batter that is previously prepared will be used to make breakfast preparation within no time. For this ready-made chutney or some hot powder will be used for eating. But if such batter is not there, we have to go for an alternative. Sometimes there may not be sufficient time even to prepare anything. In such situations what is your alternative? In such a situation, I will be bent to Poha. I will take a little quantity of Poha in a dish and sprinkle little water over it. I add a few small pieces of green chilly, ginger pieces, few leaves of coriander, a pinch of salt, and a spoon of lemon juice to it. Then I add a little quantity of curd and season it. This can be made within 5 minutes and it will fill our stomach satisfactorily. Members give your good ideas of such easy breakfast alternatives.
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    If you ask the easiest and quickest then I have two options. First is heat milk and add some corn flake to it and if required add some sugar and banana in it and have it. Second which takes slightly more time is just heat the bread pieces on direct heat like on a gas burner (of course one can use a jali to protect the charring), put some butter or jam on it and have it followed by a cup of readymade coffee.
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    Your choice of Poha is alright since it takes a little time in its preparation and moreover the taste is tangy due to addition of ginger, some black pepper, pinch of salt and sugar and further additions of lemon juice. This can be enjoyed with the sprinkling of coriander leaves. That will be the best breakfast in the morning.
    The other option could be egg omelette followed by two or three pieces of breads available in the market after the treatment with the gas sometime. Apply some butter over the pieces. This duos would be ideal combination along with a cup of coffee.

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    Like rice and dal, rava is an essential item available at home. Preparation of rava as uppuma is easy and not time consuming.
    Just cut an onion, one or two green chilly.
    Place the the pan on the stove, pour little oil.
    Add little mustard, curry leaves,
    Add cut onion and chilly.
    After a little fry, add water and salt to it.
    When the water boils, pour the rava into it and stir it until it consumes water and become solid.
    Uppuma is ready.
    Uppuma can be eaten with sugar or gud.

    Nothing can be simpler and tastier than this breakfast item. Rava is the saviour during such situations.
    If the required ingredients to make uppuma are not available at home, just mix the rava with water, make it a batter to make rava dosa.

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    By the way, there are a lot of dishes that can be cooked quickly, but my favorite is Poha at home, so most of the time we make Poha for the breakfast. If you want to eat something healthy and light for breakfast, then the best option can be Poha. Poha is really quick and easy to make. The material used to make it is easily available to every well-maintained Indian householder. Every Indian family has its own way of preparing it. We like to eat low-oil Poha with potatoes. Apart from this, sandwiches are also often made for breakfast.
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    I think egg dishes are the easiest and quickest to prepare and I would prefer them as they are a healthy option also. The next option is Poha as it also takes little time to prepare. We have to just soak it a bit.
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    If we have rice and curd at home, it would be easy to make Curd rice.
    If we have rice and milk at home, it would be easy to make "Paal Kanji"
    Use the pressure cooker to cook rice and to save the cooking time.

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    Take a glass of milk or buttermilk and add some beads made of rice ( In Telugu we will call them 'Atukulu" and known as Manaka. This is the material used in making Poha) and mix them. It will taste very good and if you want, you can add some sugar also. Even I eat raw also with out adding anything. They taste good.
    Upma can also be made very fast. It may 10 to 15 minutes to make this item ready. This is made of wheat flour. This is also very famous in South India. Many people prefer this.
    If some fruits are available in the house they are the best as breakfast to us. Two good bananas and one glass of milk will be sufficient as breakfast .

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    In our home we go for some quick and easy to make breakfasts when we do not have sufficient time to prepare elaborate breakfast or when the Idly/Dosa batter is exhausted.

    1. Ready to eat (heat and eat) Rava Upma, Pongal, vegetable poha etc
    2.Corn flakes + milk+sugar(fruit pieces optional and as per availability)
    3. Rice flakes(poha)+milk+ sugar+fruits as per availability
    4..Bread+vegetable side dish(fast dishes like tomato boiled with sambar masala)
    5. Bread+ milk+sugar

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    Nothing is easier than Upma as it can be prepared within minutes and one can eat the same without any curries or chutneys and thus Upma is considered the face saving snack for many as it is easy to make and great taste.
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