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    Do you seek more rights and get adjusted with what you got?

    Either at home or the office we are bestowed with some rights on which we are alone held responsible to take formidable decision and the results are per-known. But some are habituated to take far reaching decisions with the available rights and some wants additional rights been bestowed so that critical decisions be taken. What is your take on the subject, are you expecting more rights be spelled before hand so that you are not held responsible for taking nor right action. Please share your views.
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    When we are in a position in an organisation, we will have both rights as well as responsibilities also. There will be a job profile for all the roles. who will report to him and whom he will report and what are the authorities he is having and what are the responsibilities he has will be clearly spelt out in that job profile. One has to perform his duties based on the job profile. If there are any changes in rules and regulations the same will be informed to all concerned from time to time. In the job profile itself, there will be a mention of extraordinary conditions and how to act in those conditions will also be mentioned.
    What decisions we can take and where the necessity of contacting some body also will be very clearly mentioned in this document. There is no necessity of asking for additional rights for taking the decision if it is already spelt out in the document.

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    Responsibility has no meaning without authority. If I am responsible for doing or completing a particular thing then I should have authority or right to do it in my way. Without having right it has no meaning to exercise decisiveness.
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    Rights and responsibilities both are correlated. If you have right , you can't escape from responsibility but in reality the highest brass in any organisation or system is not held responsible, rather, lower grade officers or staff are made scapegoat if any mishap occurred. This is the part of our system. All who are authorised to do something if they take credit for their achievements and success, should not push their responsibilities on others for failure. It's just a part of the business. Ups and down can't be denied.

    But if it happens that people who have power and right are not held responsible, rather, those people who were once the part of the system are held responsible for every mishap and wrong doing or shortcoming of present working class. will it not be an unprecedented and a unique trend which nobody has ever imagined in past.

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    Rights, responsibilities, and decision making are all inter related and none of these has any importance in isolation. Some people are very active and always ask for more work and more action and are ready to take more responsibilities. The management will generally like such people and give them more rights to get good performance from them.
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    Getting adjusted within the frame of given rights must be containing to many.
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