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    Have the women been empowered?

    Women empowerment is commonly heard nowadays on different platforms, circles and classes. But I don't understand what the women empowerment, really, is. Generally, it's taken as freedom for women but I strongly oppose all this flawed concept, neither the women are empowered nor are given freedom. You can ask me why I'm putting this heresy. I elucidate a bit.
    In my opinion Women empowerment means that women should literally be empowered like men and it's possible when women are given equal power-sharing right and it's possible when you give them 50% reservation in all sectors, especially, in politics There should be 50% seats reserved for contesting elections. It means only women candidates will be allowed to contest the elections in reserved constituencies. Then half of the house with women will come in existence, also 50% misiteries should be given to them. The same should be implemented in all sectors as well. Which political party will be ready for this empowerment to women?

    As far as freedom for women is concerned there should be a check and balance for them. Although women should be allowed to choose what they assume good for themselves but I'm against the exposure of their body in public. This is the man's mentality which has made them brainwashed in the name of freedom of expression or freedom of exposing their hidden body parts so that the carnal desires of licentious people may be satiated. Women should be respected as a dignified person from all aspects instead of making them as a showpiece for people. e.g. in parties of elite class beautiful young women are hired and paid to come to the party. And the reason can be understood.
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    Women's empowerment means being able to make self-decisions in the development of society and family. There is neither a lack of government schemes to empower women nor women consultants. Yet it seems that whatever is happening, it is not visible in our surroundings in practical life. Even if women become panch-sarpanch? If they do not get the right to decide, or the people of the house take away their rights. In such a situation, how far will government policies be successful? Educated and financially self-reliant women are considered strong and successful in every way. But is the empowerment of women merely a matter of being financially empowered? Even women have always been earning money like this. Even today, women work more than men in farming in the village. The government can give rights to women, but until their families and their society's thinking changes, their journey to empowerment would not be easy.
    Swati Sharma

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    We will be very happy if such a 50% reservation for women is done by the Govt as It will give opportunity to all the women to progress in any career of their choice and that will be the real women empowerment.
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    Women empowerment would facilitate the path of progress where they would exercise their own faculty to raise their standards. Every time it is not necessary to guide them. They are having excellent power of analysing the different issues and if given opportunities to sustain their efforts in the given areas, they can outperform. While living in the village, I had the opportunity to talk some of the women though not educated more than class seven, they had the excellent ideas how the yields of brinjals, tomatoes, cauliflowers can be augmeanted with their own ideas. Though they did not have any formal training or sessions in such areas. They have acquired such inputs by virtue of their hard labours.
    The other sections of women having well qualified can change the lives of students, patients and their clients with the application of their own faculties. We have seen such womenfolk in our societies. We need to offer them opportunities to raise their confidence.

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    I agree with the author that women empowerment is very important. But giving reservations is not empowerment I feel. if ladies are more suitable let them get 100% of jobs. Why we should limit it to 50%. What I say we should allow them to move freely. How a gent moves, the same way she should also be allowed. In household works, men also should take an active part and work equally with ladies. They should not leave the work to only ladies. They should be given financial freedom. They should not be denied equal rights.
    Ladies should become physically also very strong. They should learn self-defence technics and should be able to punish somebody who tries to harass her. She should be given equal rights in the ancestral property on par with men. What is the use of giving reservation and asking him to work outside and earn money and asking her to do all the domestic works also? Let them have the liberty of taking her own decision.

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    The process of women empowerment had been talked since quite sometime and definitely there is a discernible change in this. Slowly women are coming up and have started to compete with men in many fields even where they were thought physically weaker. It will take time in reaching the complete 100% achievement in that as the teething troubles and male egos are still persisting in the society in big way. But with the encouraging current rate of progress in this area we can hope more development in this particular arena. Let us hope that we achieve the target of complete women empowerment.
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    On no account we deny women are not empowered. Some critics may raise the issue about the empowerment of women. Since our birth we give respect and power to mother, then wife, then daughter or daughter in law. This is domestic side. From public side, we can see women bus conductors, bus drivers, metro train engine operators, flight operators, Train ticket examiners, flight operators, flight air hostesses like this we can see the women in all areas of administrations.
    They have some extra ordinary sense which cannot be seen in male. We can take a small but simple example, no male member can identify our own vessel or thing but a women in a house easily tell either this is our vessel or not just by seeing,

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