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    When the happiness is masked

    How often do you laugh? Do you laugh whenever you feel like or try to control your laughter in front of certain people fearing what others may feel? There are situations that make you laugh and you need to control yourself at times. Just think of children, they laugh out loud without caring what others may think. There are also people who cannot control their laughter. You may call them immature, child-like or use any other term but I think they try to take things easy. Think of the situation when you need to control your laughter but you find it quite difficult. In that case, you are trying to suppress a spontaneous action, though, you can do it through practice. Something similar happened to me the other day. I was in a shop and other guys also came there to purchase things. They said something to the shopkeeper in such a way that will make others laugh but at the same time if you laugh you know the shopkeeper will be offended. I laughed without thinking about what others might say. Do you know why? Actually, I was wearing a mask and knew that nobody will be able to realize I am laughing if I do not speak a word at that moment. If laughter is a sign of joy or happiness then you may say my joy was masked that day. How about you? Have you faced something similar?
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    You can mask your happiness even without a physical mask on your face. Many times we will try not to show our feelings on our face. When something happens which will make us happy, our happiness will be seen in our face even though we are not smiling. But sometimes we may have to mask that feeling so that it will not appear on the face.
    Suppressing our feelings and not expressing them may lead to some anxiety or unrest in our minds. That will not be good for us. When you are happy, express your happiness through a smile or a laugh. These days we are all wearing masks and we are not able to identify the people because of these masks.

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    If there is happiness in our mind it would definitely reflect on our face. We may try to mask it but it would emerge out by itself and we cannot hide it. Similarly, if we are not happy then our laugh will be hollow.
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