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    Decision making ability is an asset of a good team leader

    The man who is hesitant in taking any decision or is confused to choose a perfect option out of several options or alternatives before taking the final decision he can't be proven as a successful person. He keeps on thinking because of lacking in self-confidence or decision-making ability, moreover, staring at others to suggest to him what to do for finalising the issue. It can be said about such a person that he will always be dependent upon others. He can't work with his free will. Whereas, a sagacious person does not waste his time in taking his decision. He can take suggestions of people if he thinks it proper but he takes his steps firmly without procrastinating the matter.
    Good leaders have this quality, they lead the team in a quite impressive manner. They become the torchbearer to his team and they execute their ideas and planning systematically and they become the source of inspiration for his followers and subordinates.
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    When we say a team leader, he must have the good work force behind him who can be believed and trusted even in his absence the work goes unhindered and with no hassles. That means the team leader should be given the sweeping powers to decide and take firm decisions in the good interest of the organization he thus represents. And the leader should not have the biased approach among his team members because the team work ultimately matters and even small differences among the team would create hurdles for the progress. No doubt the team leader also has the confident deputies but they should not go over board in the absence of team leader. The deputies often behave with over smart attitude much to the irksome of other members and thus create a void between the leader and the team.
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    Decision making comes with confidence, knowledge, and foresight in the matter. Decision cannot be taken in haste. Preventive measures help in taking good decisions. A person who is not disciplined and has no order in his life and reluctant to work cannot take any decision because he will always be afraid that if he takes that decision he will have to work. So, for making a robust decision, a robust character is required. If a subordinate does some corruption and shares the benefits with his boss then when the subordinate is caught by vigilance authorities the boss will not be able to take a strong decision to support the vigilance team and will start stories here and there to protect the subordinate and in the process will get trapped in the vigilance enquiry himself. There are many real life examples where people cannot take decisions due to their inherent weaknesses and not due to their lack of knowledge. Honest and transparent people can take good and bold decisions. Dishonest will also be able to take decisions but it will be having favouritism.
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    Decision making is very important for any person who is leading a team or running an organisation. One should be able to make a decision based on the situation. Decision-making ability will be required for all to be successful in their works. Even taking a bad decision is also better than not taking any decision.
    So a leader should think about the situation and study all the parameters and then make a decision and implement the same. If the top man is not able to decide on the actions to be taken, the other people in the team will be in a fix and they can't do anything. Some times the boss may keep silent without any decision. The members think that the boss is not making a decision. But the decision of the boss maybe not to make a decision immediately.
    There is another type of leaders who will keep changing their decisions. They tell something and once we start implementing the same suddenly they will change their decision and make us restart the work again. That is also a bad way of managing the issue.

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    Decision making would be right if taken by the efficient managers after considering several points prior to execution of any assignment. He would take into consideration the potential of each employee working under him, their interest in some areas of the assignments. He would also make strong team capable of undertaking any job diligently. The capable managers would allocate some specific time for the completion of the job. He would not be satisfied with such arrangements. He would go in for the periodical review to see to what extent the job has been achieved at a particular time interval. Any alteration/ modification if needed is effected by him so that no dislocation takes place in the completion of the job.
    Hence a competent leader possesses numerous qualities such as making a strong team, identifying the interest of each member apart from his capability of making sound decision making.

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