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    Always see both sides of the coin.

    Some people are shortsighted, biased, rigid and bigot in selected matters. They keep their eyes on one side of the coin. Why they don't see all aspects of the issue because they are reluctant to do so. They do it deliberately. They see things but in part, they know things but in part. This selective approach makes them a frog of a well which does not let it to come out from its limited space. This proclivity makes them jump upon conclusion without going into deep of the matter. They can't ascertain until another side of the coin is also pondered upon.

    Education brings changes in thinking about real issues. It brings them broad-mindedness and knowledge. If narrow-mindedness, bigotry, partially, ignorance, rigidity, hypocrisy, obstinacy and ill-arguments based fallacious reasoning are not eliminated the purpose of getting education gets failed.
    I just keep on watching them as an onlooker.
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    It is the fact that justice is denied in many cases as the very contention of the accused is not taken into account and the police would drive the case to the extent of no return to justice and the case is further built up in a such way even courts are made to believe the police and thus many who have not committed the crime or offense are framed wrongly and a good lawyer alone can infer and protect them from the unruly cases thus hoisted and thus the courts should also give credence to what the accursed says and give the chance to prove himself. Many a time the cases are not fully probed and the public prosecutor arrives to the conclusion that fraud or the crime has taken place and thus seek for more punishment but a good lawyer with formidable knowledge can always prove wrong and turn the cases to his client favor.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Before concluding any matter we should completely understand the issue. Then only we can get a correct idea about the issue. If there is a dispute between two people if we want to decide who is correct and who is wrong we should understand the issue fully. The complete available information should be known to us to decide on the issue. You should ask the details from both the parties involved. You should also ask them to provide proofs for their statements or claims. Both the parties involved should be given equal opportunity to present their point of view. Then you can analyse the whole issue without any bias towards one of the two people. This will make you come to a correct understanding of the situation and then you can give your judgement. If you are biased you may not make a correct decision.
    One should see both sides of the coin. One should take the views of all the parties involved. Understand the situation properly and analyse the situation correctly. Then only you can come out with a good report.

    always confident

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    A prejudiced mind will see only one side of coin even if the other side is visible. It is the mindset and adamant nature of our thoughts that makes us clung to only one particular aspect ignoring the other important things.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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