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    By seeking to visit our doors are the banks lost their sheen?

    It seems many are not visiting the banks nor having to many transactions as envisaged and planned in the past and the banks now got the fear that they are being distanced between the customers and want to maintain the connect. The online payments and transactions made many customers to stay put home and even cheque facilities are discouraged and therefore the visit to banks gone nil and banks are now creating new campaign through door visits for which one need to register with the banks and do the things done at our home. What a change in the attitudes of banks?
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    True. Bank employees are attending our works by meeting us in our residences. The private banks like HDFC and ICICI banks are appointing relations managers to some privileged customers and they come and meet us and serve us by doing our works as required.
    Online banking is catching up and many of us are doing our works from the house and we rarely visit the bank. This trend is there even before COVID19. But it has increased after the spreading of Corona. Even nationalised banks also started meeting the customers who are senior citizens and helping them in doing their works. This is a welcome feature and we should appreciate the organisations for their personalised services to their customers.

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    This all started when the private banks came in picture in a big way. The PSU banks also started to improve their services as customers started to move from there to the private banks.
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    By appointing customer relations manager the banks are reaching out to the homes of the customers.
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    Bank would go only to the houses of senior citizens, on request. Not otherwise.
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