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    Who can be convinced easily, ladies or gents?

    I was interacting with a salesman who visited my colony for his new product promotion and I was watching his way of approach to each home and got the hostile welcome or even scolded for visiting during this corona time. But he told me that convincing the ladies is more difficult and gents would give the ear to listen and understand. What I feel that ladies can be easily convinced provided the likes and requirements of them are understood therefore his assessment was wrong. What is your say in this matter, can you convince ladies or the gents for granted.
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    It is not a gender-specific. It varies from individual to individual. We can convince some ladies easily. But it is very difficult to convince some ladies. In the same, we can't convince some gents easily and some will get easily convinced. The ability of the individual is also an important factor to convince others.
    When the other person is made up his mind not to yield to the other person, it will become difficult for anyone to convince him. If the other person is ready to hear what we say and able to appreciate the logic in our point, we can convince him easily.
    Many times people may not get convinced with a logical discussion, they may go by their likes and dislikes. In such a case we should convince him by telling him how our proposals will suit to his likes.

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    I have the strong feeling that gents would pose lots of questions while ladies can be convinced without prolong.
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    As far as purchasing any item is concerned gents can be convinced on rate more easily than women. They don't do much bargaining like women as most of the women like haggling for rate. They are choosy so they like to see more items as well because they always prefer those items which other ladies would not have purchased. It's the general tendency of the women. It's also observed that married women generally like haggling more than young girls. The same is applied to men that married people try to minimise the rate of item they intends to purchase whereas unmarried young boys don't care of rate.

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    I don't agree. I feel it's easy to convince ladies rather than gents. Mostly the housewives comparatively have lesser knowledge of the things so they are easily convinced by the sales men. I have seen gents if are not interested in buying a product won't give a second thought and will it there whereas ladies if even don't do that they listen to the salesman even if they are no interested and lateron get convinced.

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    It is difficult to generalise and say that this particular gender person can be convinced easily by a salesman for listening to him or placing an order. It varies from individual to individual and individual like in shopping maters. So, some people who have interest in shopping and always look up to an opportunity of changing old things in the house with new ones will always listen to the salesmen.
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    It is not the question of any gender. It would be rather difficult to convince anyone irrespective of the gender. It reflects the attitude of a particular human being and the gender charecterstics should not be applicable. May be the temperament of the child develops with the family environment. The kids are watchful to the activities of their parents and if their parents have the quality of being convinced with some statements of others, the kids would have the same traits. With the progress of time, their natures are reinforced with such such attitudes. Hence I am of the opinion that gender does not play any significant role in being adamant or submissive. So is the case with being a convincing natured or otherwise.

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