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    The silent communication between crow and sparrow

    Animals cannot speak but they have ways to express themselves in much more refined ways than that of speaking. The birds move in a group and everyone understands the gesture of each other as what instructions are implied in that verbal silence. We observe birds sitting on our terraces, rooftops, balconies and other such structures. Apparently they look sitting like idling but it is not so. They are waiting for something which they have learned from their experience. When the day starts the people and shopkeeper clean their houses and shops and many times the grains and other small eatables are thrown on outside and the birds see them with their keen eyes and come to pick them up. They all know the timings of these events as their biological clocks are much advanced and they will hop at places to have their tiny particles of food and then go away. They all coexist in this matter and remain in their territory. The silence between them will communicate that you be there, have your share and I am comfortable here and having my share. They keep a respectful distance to each other. We must learn this coexistence from these birds who do it so precisely and gracefully. Humans have to learn this great quality of birds and inculcate in them the art of living in one's space coexisting in a harmonious way.

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    The author has very beautifully explained the feelings and experiences of the bird's life. It is rightly said that like humans, animals and birds also talk without saying anything. Emotions are important in silence. Just as nature has given humans the right to live in this world, in the same way, every living being has been given the right to live. Birds are really learning something when they are looking with their eyes large. These birds live in love with each other and do not give any kind of harm to humans. We should treat all creatures with compassion and let them live according to their lifestyle. We should not interfere in their natural life. I also agree that man must learn some art of living life from birds.
    Swati Sharma

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