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    When radio was the only source of information

    Radio has been a great discovery that has revolutionalized the world. When it was the only source of information people used to have radio sets and listen to it for news updates and happenings around the world. Though people seem to have lost interest in listening to the radio due to newly available gadgets to get information and updates, internet radio has revived the lost attraction towards radio.

    From radio sets to now a digital radio station, this innovation has been wonderful innovation. It provides people with an opportunity to get news and analysis. And people easily can listen to any station on internet radio anywhere in the world. There are increasing radio jokey who are interested in working in such an amazing platform and update people.

    In Kashmir, internet radio is available but the traditional radio sets though fading but is still relevant to get news during the internet suspension. Radio has been a great companion and source of information when there was no other source of information. Radio is still a valuable stream to update on the current events.

    Share your experiences.
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    The radio is one of the latest inventions of modern science. Although the use of the radio has decreased in metros since the invention of television, it continues to be practiced in villages even today. Its popularity can be gauged from the fact that the option of FM is essentially given in all mobile phones. This means of entertainment was popular earlier, is still popular today, and will remain so in the future. Like television, it also has no negative effects. Therefore, it is a completely useful machine in every way. The use of radio is not limited to only news, it has many other uses, for me, it is the biggest medium of music, I spend at least one hour to listen to music on FM on daily basis. If I talk about my home, in addition to the radio on everyone's mobile, we also have 2 radios in our house. The arrival of many new channels in the new era has brought a big revolution in it and its demand has also increased.
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    Radio has gained its importance now. All the mobile phones have radio in it. After reading this thread, I browsed the internet and astonished to see the various radios covering all states and languages. It is really a boon.

    The first Transistor Radio I bought was - Philips 'Valiant' in the year 1974, mainly to listen Srilankan Tamil broadcast. I had the set with me until 2001 in a fully operational state. It became a scrap in 2010.

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    Though radio sets were initially very popular in Indian Families when the family members were hooked to either Bibidh Bharati or Radio Cylon and it was a fine instruments for them. If you were fed up with the music, you could enjoy the news from the different radio stations to update you with the latest happenings. These radio sets had been the darling of the Indian Families where each member had their specific programming to suit one's test. There were different plays in the different languages which provided pure entertainment displaying the cultures of that region.
    I still recall up the impressive tone of Sri Amin Sayani attached to Radio Cylon and his style of interpretation was quite fascinating to me. Audiences of those days cannot forget this personality so easily.

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