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    Do not underestimate anyone...

    This real-life incident happened in the recent past in Chennai. My friend and I had been to a small supermarket and were discussing something about a particular brand of the suitcase that he wanted to buy. We were sure that we will not be able to get it at that place. My friend was about to go out of the shop. I suggested that we ask the person who looked a little educated as to where we could buy the branded suitcase. My friend immediately told me in English that he may not know anything and literally pushed me aside. Even when he was doing it, the young man turned towards me saying, "excuse me, Sir". He then went on to explain that in the next parallel lane, there was a new shop that sold the branded item in Tamil. He then told my friend that he knew English as well, and spoke about his background. He had just completed the M.Com degree through correspondence and was employed here to take care of his ailing mother. The owners of the shop were related to him and they were actually helping him to find a new job soon.

    He rather curtly told my friend to not jump to conclusions after seeing anybody. Just because a person is not so well dressed does not mean that he or she does not know English. Both of us were stunned, and my friend immediately apologized to him.

    I had always held that the dress worn by a person can be deceptive. In this case, we were caught on the wrong foot in a distant Chennai suburb.
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    True. We should not under-estimate a person by his dress. Recently, I watched a video in FB where an utterly filthy looking farmer with dirty dhoti and turban with open chest took the TV interviewer for a ride by answering him in English while the journalist posed questions in Hindi. The farmer was a university degree holder. His English was damn good.
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    The author has told the truth, never underestimate anyone. No human being is small or big, just our thinking is small and big. He thinks as he thinks. One should never be considered small, whether it is an enemy, a snake, a small disease. Because when they reach their limits, they can do a lot of damage. I absolutely agree that one should never be considered small because no one is small or big here. In many such cases, we can measure humans, in that way every human being will be found to be equivalent here. Because there is definitely something missing in every human being and some goodness.
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    Your friend started conversation in English with that stranger despite knowing that he was apparently looking uneducated proves that your friend is not an educated person but only a degree holder.You were stunned to hear him replying in English. Why? It wonders me why people are under tremendous impression that speaking in English means the person is educated but if he doesn't reply in English it means that he is an uneducated person. This wrong notion is ingrained in our mind. It's typical Indian mentality which keeps us lagging behind 'whites'. I'm never impressed by English speaking. I don't like to speak in a foreign language when I feel comfortable in my vernacular.

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    Sometimes we feel ourselves as highly educated and in that pride underestimate the other person. We cannot know what is inside just by seeing the cover of a packet. Often with dress and outwardly appearance we get deceived and behave in a wrong way. It had happened with me once long back when I first time left my home for taking admission in a college and my father gave me an address of a person who would help me in getting a room for living in that new place. That time we did not have any mobile or email facility and had to go to the concerned person in person. So I went there and it seemed that he was some big person as the gatekeeper took me inside and asked me to sit in the main room. The room was well decorated and I thought that I have come to some rich place. After some time a handsome young man in good dress came in the room and I stood up and folded my hands in respect to him. He did not respond and smilingly went out from another door. After some time the owner came an old person clad in good attire. I again stood up and saluted to him. He told me that he got the letter from my father and had arranged a room in the town which was very reasonable and within my reach. I thanked him and left to the address told by him. On the gate I asked the gatekeeper about the young man whom I met first but he did not respond. The gatekeeper told me that he was a servant and was going out to market to bring vegetables etc.
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    Arafatuzzafar, please do understand the entire context. I was not doing anything. It was my friend who started it all. I was stunned not because he spoke English. I had sort of thought that he was a graduate. I was stunned by the assertive way in which he made us understand that the dress worn by any person does not reveal anything and that we should not underestimate anyone. My friend immediately apologized to him and that is the end of the experience. After all, we do mistakes. This is not the first time it has happened. I do not remember the entire sequence of earlier events.

    {Edited- The author is once again advised to refrain from using unwarranted adjectives.}

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    I read one information in a magazine. A learned person, drove his car and on the way one of the Tyre got punctured. He noticed in all directions but not found any mechanic shed or helping persons nearby. He decided to remove the tyre and replaced with the stepney he had. On his effort he succeeded to remove the punctured tyre but while replacing with the stepney, he lost two bolts fell in the nearby muddy pit. He hesitated to take by his hand,so he searched for somebody and saw a village man who came there without a shirt. He called him and told the entire thing and bots fell down in the muddy pit and asked him to take out. The villager simply asked him to remove one bolt from each good tyres and fix in the stepney till he reach the mechanic. Though he is a learned one and possessing a car did not know this idea but a villages who do not wear even shirt gave an idea like this.

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    Never judge a book by its cover. An industrialist wants to set up a manufacturing unit and his friend a village chief encouraged him to start the same in his village. The Industrialist went there and saw that area and happy. But he told his friend that getting good people who can manage the organisation well in that village is difficult as they may not get good people who can speak and understand English. Immediately an educated girl from the gathering comes out and says the above quote mentioned by me in the beginning. This is an add and I remembered that add after seeing this thread from the author. One should not underestimate anybody. By seeing the appearance we can't assess the stuff of a person. You can not estimate the education levels of a person by seeing the way he dressed up. Many well learned people will never put up any show in their appearance.
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    I had no intention to enrage you but the way you vented your hidden feelings about Hindi speaking people was quite unexpected. I don't think that we should have any wrong notion about fellow citizens of another part of the country.

    Indeed, English is a global language but the way we are impressed by this foreign language is questionable. It should be taken as a means of communication, not as a sign of honour or superiority.
    It's not obligatory on you to accept my views, you are free to dissent.

    However, I would like to tell you that I'm fluent in English with a British accent. But I don't think it's a great thing.

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