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    The ruling party has to see the bigger picture in the farmer agitation

    Every single move of the BJP Government has to be viewed with suspicion. The brazen manner in which the Adani group is being favoured is not lost on anyone. Management of airports was handed over to this group. They control some ports as well. Mukesh Ambani, who is so big to control and diminish most of the competition in every business, is also politically so powerful to influence Government policy.

    The Prime Minister and his great Home Minister should at least listen to the people and sort out the problem immediately. They cannot act like Maharajas.

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    The author should amend his way of presenting the case. Any instance comes, the author will start blaming the PM and his cabinet ministers. What is the issue? Where is the problem? What is his suggestion for improving the situation? If any thread is presented in this way, we can have a meaningful discussion. Already there are one or two threads on the same subject.
    I think it is welcome to discuss the matters based on the merits and demerits of the issue more than the parties and the individuals. But that is not happening in many forums. Let us not have hatred towards a person or a party. But let us oppose the issue if we feel that is not correct with proper reasoning.
    The author is a very knowledgable person with a very good understanding of the issue around. If can present his views with more clarity and avoid blaming people, the other members will get a lot of inputs from him.

    always confident

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    Millions in the country praised' Ambani when they brought in cheap mobile phones and almost free mobile tariffs. Big business and corporate will always be supporting and funding the political parties across the lines. The same Amabanis were friends of the Congress too when they were ruling. It even gave rise to the remark that Congress is 'apni dookan". It was believed that Dhirubai had spent resources for Indira Gandhi to end the Janata Party rule by engineering split.
    Big business will always be behind the political parties and fund their election. They may put pressures and influence on the policies brought out. We can only laugh on the 'holier than thou' attitude of the political parties blaming current ruling party.

    We should understand that the farmers from Punjab are quite different from emaciated, few cents owning small farmers tilling their land in Southern states or other parts of the country. Many of these farmers who stage protest are millionaires and having large turnover and large tracts of land. The sympathy an ordinary person feels towards the ordinary familiar farmer in the Southern states is not at all warranted for the protesting Punjab farmers.
    When the real small farmer is not able to have reserve stock for even one month, the protesting Punjab farmers are ready with sufficient reserve for six months or even one year. It looks like a well planned war preparation.

    The story looks like scripted in similar lines to the Shaheen bagh agitation. Gradually we may be able to see the same characters coming front stage or backstage too.

    However what I do not understand is why the government intelligence could not sense such a thing is brewing. It also proves that BJP totally lacks field workers and field intelligence feedbacks. Otherwise things would not reach this level. The failure of the ruling party to dispel genuine doubts and misgivings of farmers is very cleverly exploited by vested interest and gave a platform for all the opposition parties to come under one umbrella one by one.
    Now things have come to the stage of ego saving on both sides and 'I am one up on you' situation. It is 'who will blink first' scenario.

    The comments by Canada are a clear example how lobbying and external pressure building is happening. Very soon we may see some other countries also trying to fish in our troubled waters.
    Let us hope both sides see sense and come to discussion table and take remedial measures to defuse the situation.

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    When privatisation is done to accelerate the industrial growth then sometimes it might appear that the Govt is favouring some industrialists. Today we are having same situation. Many things are going for outsourcing and that might be cutting the number of comfortable jobs but at the same time difficult and challenging jobs are being generated in the private sector. Farmers agitation is organised by some people who want to take advantage of this situation where some farmers are either misled by them or joining themselves without understanding the new laws. So opposition always does that and there is no surprise in that. One thing which opposition should know is if the public finds the truth then they will be losers in the next elections and so opposition should take up real issues of unemployment and things like that and not something because nothing better is coming in their mind. It is a pity that opposition is not able to demonstrate a constructive criticism.
    Knowledge is power.

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    Dialogue is on to settle a dispute between government and farmers, as of now they have not reached on any solution so that strike could come to an end. A few things I have observed

    - Mainstream media has been boycotted because they attributed farmers' protest to Khalistan, anti-nationalism etc. Perhaps this is why they are angry.

    - A few Congress leaders came but they clearly said 'if they have come to politicize this protest then they are not welcomed, however, if they have come on humanitarian grounds to support them, then they are welcomed.'

    - The way they were mistreated by Haryana government like the use of water cannon or lathi charge or digging the trench to stop them from towards Delhi farmers are angy.

    - Khap Panchayat has also joined this protest.

    - Government seems to be positive to settle this dispute.

    - Farmers want that all three laws should be revoked or at least MSP should be enacted as a law.

    - Government has given positive hint about MSP

    Now let's see what happens. Most probably, disputes will find an amicable solution.

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    If farmers of the country do not want modified rules themselves then there is not any problem and Govt should consider their demand to null and void these rules but if they are doing it due to the provocation of the middlemen who used to make crores and give a little amount to farmer then it is a serious matter that gullible farmers are being ditched or misled by some people who want to make money at any cost.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    Let me put it straight to the author's mind that the new agricultural bill was debated and passed by both houses of Parliament and that authenticates very fact that order was not sudden and imposing but with popular deliberation and agreement of all parties. But we know the Congress party does not have any issue to fight against Modi govt and thus raked up this farmer protest from their own state Punjab. Thus Congress has been betraying their own farmers and still call itself the champion of farmers cause. When other farmers of the country are mum and getting benefited through the new laws, what is preventing the handful of Punjab farmers who are spearheading the cause. Now that the govt want to discuss, they are putting new demands to MSP on all products to which govt may not agree.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Mohan, I don't think the Bills were passed after due deliberation in the Parliament. In fact, it was passed through a voice vote in the Rajya Sabha. The Government did not also heed to the demand by the opposition to put up the bill before a Parliamentary Committee. The Bills were no doubt passed (or made to be passed) in a haste without taking all the stakeholders into confidence.

    The reasons being put up by the agitating farmers for their protest is that the provisions of the Bill will in all probability take away their choices of selling their products and will gradually allow the corporates to dictate terms. Could you tell me why the Government has now come down from their earlier stand and has agreed to amend certain provisions in the Bills? They could have stuck to their stand if the Bills were flawless.

    It has been a practice for the Modi government to flout norms and existing practices just because they have the absolute majority. The old saying that 'Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely' has become more relevant under the present regime.

    'The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step'.
    Lao Tzu

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    It is absolutely atrocious to brand everyone and anyone with a different opinion as "anti-national". It is a blatant truth that the likes of Adani, with already huge debts( look at his Australia misadventure), will also try to control agriculture with the same capitalist mentality. Why did Mr.Mohan and others keep quiet when the same Modi gave away Rs141000 crores and called it, "haircut" of banks? Do you know that the economic situation now is the worst after Independence? And now these farm laws that seek to do away with all protection to farmers. Mr. Mohan, do you know that the richest nation in the world, the USA has always given very high subsidy to farmers? I will soon come out with all facts from published sources.


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    If banks are given the required boost that is because to revive the economic slow down and the results are now experienced and by the way the farmers are not played by the govt and in fact creating more ways and means to earn more which were either too swindled by the middle men. If author contention is right and agree for the while then why farmers from other places are keeping quite and enjoying the new benefits. So hand full of scattered farmers seems to be fighting for some extra benefit and a true former would not leave the crops at the mercy of nature and participate for days together on protest.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Sorry Sir. Please read the latest news. Farmers everywhere are up in arms. Banks need to be profitable. But you cannot give away thousands of crores to wilful defaulters; please read the history of the Sahara group. The JSW group, the Jayaprakash Associates group, the Adani group and the Essar group, among several others have robbed the entire Indian society. Do you know how much of bad debts have accumulated after 2014? Do not worry. I will give you all facts in one thread after another. And don't be so naive-- the farmers agitation is a pan-India one.

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    The demands of farmers are changing. First they want amendments and MSP be announced. And when that was agreed upon they sought the repeal of the farm laws. And now demanding total scrap of the new bill which is too much asking because they sensed that the govt is coming down under the pressure. Any discussion should be on give and tale policy and not towards thwarting the entire issue altogether. Now that the farmers of Punjab are also getting support from the Canadian PM , they feel their agitation gone International now. This govt is not anti farmers unlike UPA which terms to be farmers champion but done nothing so far. Moreover when the talks are held and the strategies are worked out, then why the nation shut down call was given which means the intentions of farmers was something else and not to address their woes.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Mr. ABS,
    It is not the farmers who are protesting. It is the middleman in the guise of farmers are protesting against this farm law. In our country, there are more middlemen than the farmers. Punjab has the highest and richest middlemen who can survive even if the protest continues for several months. It is very cool in other states. Only the congress led middlemen are showing their concern.

    No life without Sun

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    Saji Sir, I really do not know if you are following the trends. Farmers from other States are also now realizing that the farm laws will totally take away their power to do whatever they want to do with their produce. If crooks like Adani come into the agriculture sector in a big way, these dangerous fellows will even control what the farmer has to produce. They can control entire markets. This is a big danger. The Modi Government wants to establish a total capitalistic society where entire resources will only go to the capitalist. This will be worse than the present situation. If the farm laws are totally retained, we are sure to have a situation where no vegetable will be sold for less than Rs100 per kg. You and I will be paying through our nose. Kindly realize the danger involved. Do not be biased in favour of an absolute dictator.

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    @SuN: You mean to say that farmers of Punjab, Haryana and U.P. are happily staying at their homes and working in their fields and these protesters are middlemen. Good!
    You have improved my knowledge.
    Some questions come in my mind:
    Why is our government having a dialogue with middlemen?

    Why news headlines in electronic media and print media reads: "Farmers protests" Why they don't say "Middlemen Protest" when they know their reality that they are disguised as farmers?

    Thanks for this enlightenment.

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    And now the real cause of farmers were hijacked by the so called 18 political parties who have now joined the National shut down call which is nothing but loosing their hold on the issue. Those parties which unable to fight and win against the BJP are now taking the back side route of garnering national support to the farmers agitation and ready participate in the agitation against farm laws and repeal. It seems the central govt let loose the case to the point of no return and if this issue goes further there is every chance BJP getting a stamp of anti farmer party and that is what the great back stage work is being going on.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    We all know the attitude of opposition parties. They always go against the ruling party even if it is a genuine thing. BJP has the majority and the opposition parties can do nothing. Even if the subject is put for discussion in parliament, the ruling BJP will have its votes to pass the bill. The main problem is - It is because Punjab is ruled by the Congress government. And only the congress farmers (middlemen) are protesting. While there are many lakhs of farmers, only a few tens of thousands are protesting.
    No life without Sun

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