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    Talent is a great asset

    Talent is a great asset to a person. It singles him out from the crowd and soars him up high in the sky like a star for his followers. It wins him favour, love and affection of the people. He is applauded and l stardom is conferred to him but this talent is hard to come by. Some people are born with God-gifted talent in a particular area like art, culture, music, dance, acting, literature, oratory etc. Some people have the urge to have a talent and they try hard to have it and diligence never goes in vain. It, mostly, renders favourable and good results.

    Quality of talent is that it can't be inhibited within talent carrier. It comes out on the spur of the moment when it comes across an appealing aura. e.g. If someone has the talent of dancing and he comes across musical ambience in a party or gathering, his legs will begin to move and his heart begins to push him to go on the floor and he can't control his urge of dancing.
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    The author is absolutely right. Every person has some ability or talent, but he may not be able to recognize it at the right time and make full use of it. Every person has some innate talent. If we can recognize him then no one can become an obstacle in life. Many times we do not want to do any new work with the fear that we may fail. This is just an excuse that does not let you succeed in any new deal. We must constantly ask ourselves what can be the benefit or loss of our natural talent. Once we realize that we will not be harmed by recognizing natural talent, then we should see what we are losing by not recognizing natural inclination. We also have to see that there is never any solution in life by blaming others. We ourselves have to bear the consequences of our mistakes.
    Swati Sharma

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