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    Is religious conversion really a crime in India?

    While we have the right to live on earth in whatever manner we wish to, as a bachelor or spinster or married, and whatever religion we wish to follow, is it a crime to convert our religion? Is there any Indian constituition that bans religious conversion?

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    There is no law which says that one cannot change one's religion but one has to be clear as which religion one is adopting and which one is being discarded by him. It is legally important. For example in Hindu religion bigamy is a crime. So one can become Muslim or some other religion where it is not crime but then the individual ceases to be Hindu. Just to do a second marriage if someone becomes Muslim but his life style is that of Hindu then it is a criminal offence. Some people had done it in past but due to their influence and celebrity status they escaped from the clutches of law. So, changing religion is no problem but one cannot practice two religions simultaneously and have the enjoyment of both the worlds.
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    I agree with Umesh. I will change my religion on paper and get the benefits that I get from that change. But I will not practice the rules and regulations of that religion. It should not be accepted. Telling that I am Hindu but following Muslims tradition is not correct. Converting from one religion to another religion is acceptable. But forcing somebody to change the religion is also not correct. You follow any religion. But never belittle other religions and never say that the practices of other religions are not good. Live and let live should be the policy. But in India, some people are forcing others to change their religion.
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    In India,
    Hindu is the religion that loves and respects other religions and don't stop any Hindu converting religions. They don't publish and invite others to become Hindus.
    Christianity is the religion that invites others to join their religion saying their God is only a good God. They don't respect other religions.
    Islam is the religion that doesn't invite other religions and they don't love other religions.

    Christians and Muslims don't become Hindus. Only Hindus become Christians or Muslims.

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    According to Constitution, every citizen is free to choose a religion and practice upon his eligion. Freedom of religion also includes the freedom of conscience. This means that a person may choose any religion or may choose not to follow any religion. Freedom of religion includes the freedom to profess, follow and propagate any religion. Freedom of religion is subject to certain limitations. The government can impose restrictions on the practice of freedom of religion in order to protect public order, morality and health. This means that the freedom of religion is not an unlimited right. The government can interfere in religious matters for rooting out certain social evils like Sati tradition. The Constitution has guaranteed the right to propagate one's religion.This includes persuading people to convert from one religion to another. However, the Constitution does not allow forcible conversions. It only gives us the right to spread information about our religion and thus attract others to it.

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    As far as I know there is no ban on religion, one can have any religion. One can get converted his/her religion. One has his/her wish if he/she wants to get converted in to other religion anyone cannot force a person to adopt any other religion without his/her religion. I remember in India there are groups who offer money to get converted in their religion and people do that for the list of money but I don't know if it's punishable or not

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    Conversion of religion has been a controversial issue not only in India but worldwide. Whenever religion changes, many questions arise. However, our law says that every citizen of the country has freedom of religion, that is, whatever religion they want to live with. Our constitution says that India is a secular country. That is, everyone in the country has the freedom and right to do their religious activities. There is also a provision for constitutional protection for the conversion of the country as a right to freedom of religion.
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    I think we are free to choose whatever religion we want and there is no problem on that account in our country. The problem comes when a person is forced by another person to change his or her religion and otherwise he or she would suffer. Sometimes he or she would be lured to do it and later find that it was a trap. That is the wrong thing and should be strictly dealt with law.
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