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    We are the same soul

    Our size, our colour, or any other physical attribute is God's gift to us, and inside it; we all are the same soul. You are black, I am small but we both have our own properties to feel distinguished. So, let's respect what God has given us and stop discriminating against others on the basis of their appearances. You are alone, I am alone, and we both can make it "Together". We should not try to be the one that we are not actually and should feel happy and confident with whatever we are. We should not make others feel down for what they are and must be with them for their good and bad.

    With this small point of view, can we become friends!

    This is my entry for November 2020 Picture-based TOW
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    Very interesting and inspiring narration depicting the situation in the picture, from a perspective of we are one, by the author. Birds can coexist and understand this also then why humans cannot coexist. Humans look alike but are having different cultures, religions, traditions etc and just on that pretext they are fighting with each other. It seems birds are better than us in this respect.
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    True. We all have the same soul. Colour of the skin may be different. Heights may be different. Weights may be different. These attributes are not in our hand. They are given to us by God. So let us not discriminate people based on these qualities. Never look people from the side of their caste, creed or religion. Treat them all equally. A good message.
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    A very nice narration .In fact this is the core of our nation's traditional true knowledge-the ultimate 'Jnaan". or 'Gyaan'.
    The core of Hinduism is that the same Supreme is manifested in every living thing. That is the essence of Advaitha.

    Nice that the the author could well relate such a thought from the reference picture given for the contest.

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    The author is right to say that there should not be any discrimination because of differences in features, height, size etc. All are equal because where we are born is not in our hands. What we have by birth is Godgifted talent. Sword is bigger than a small needle but both have their own place in usage. What the sword is made for, will be used whereas what the needle is made for, will work accordingly. Apparently both are different in size but sword can not stitch a trouser. Here only a needle is required to work.

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    Yes when all have the same blood color then why do we differentiate people on the basis of their appearance. It's sad that in today's world when we are living in the tech world still there are people who beleive on castism and color and discriminate among the people. We need to change our mentality now and should consider everyone equal and help our country to grow better and develop.

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    No. The soul alone cannot equal or connect two people. There is something called brain that is very important in a body. The brain decides what to do, how to work, how to feel, etc. Different creatures have different brain and different thinking. Soul is like a common fire, a permanent one. Brain work is the deeds come out from the soul of fire.

    Therefore, I don't agree with the author's point of view.

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    It is rather an interesting article and at the same time it reminds me of the philosophical approach in the sense that all the souls are alone and if the souls are united together, loneliness can be eliminated. The explanation does not deviate from the truth but still we our brain works differently with the different notions. The brain would think in a different manner and due to variance of the thinking process from man to man, we fail to unite. In that way we can say brain and soul are the two different identities where a soul is ready to be united with a different soul, brain comes in between to dilute such a bondage of souls.

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    The author has said the truth, we are all one soul. Life moves on the strength of the soul. It is the soul that lives inside every creature and governs the body of every living being. Just as electricity provides energy to many types of devices and performs various activities according to the design of the equipment, similarly the soul performs different activities according to the physical capacity of every creature. The creator of all beings is the same because all beings have a direct perception of the image of the same creator. There is only a little variation in the bodies. It is a scientific fact to behold the image of the same surgeon in all beings and to understand all systems equally. The soul of each creature has its own different needs and different rites, so the behavior of the soul of a creature varies. The author has very beautifully connected TOW's picture to this thread which is admirable.
    Swati Sharma

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    Swati Sharma,
    I like your comparison of the soul with electricity in common and the various uses for different activities. Therefore a soul cannot be connected for a common goal. I would also compare the soul to the liquid (water) as the liquid turns into different shapes and for different purposes.

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