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    Poor and needy are always looked down upon while the affluent enjoy lavishly

    The picture is the clear depiction of disparity between the poor and the rich. The Crow is busy taking the grains in front of him while the Sparrow is helplessly looking like a poor and hungry chap at the Crow taking those grains to satisfy his stomach. The picture shows a huge contrast between the rich and the poor.
    In daily life, we come across such situations and observe that rich are always in commanding position while the poor and needy look helplessly for help but almost no one ready to help. Many times poor are being denied justice and treated badly while wealthy and affluent always enjoy a luxurious life. Well-off people don't care for the needy when they are in need and often been exploited. The picture shows the helplessness of poor and needy through sparrow and crow enjoying as a rich man.

    This is my thread for the November month-end 2020 TOW Contest Poor and needy are always looked down upon while the affluent enjoy lavishly
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    After reading this post my thoughts went to those days when the PV Narasimha Rao Express way from Mehdipatnam to Aram Ghar was constructed and inaugurated to facilitate the transfer of airport passengers through busy corridor and when Balladeer Gadar came there and sang a song in the honor of those who constructed the lengthy flyover, everyone expected that he would sing some great song, But what he told the gathering that never get amused that one day you will travel on this road as it is reserved for the rich and certainly not for the poot. Yes made impressive comment.
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    The post has very nicely illustrated the difference between the might and helpless. A good narration. In this world there is a clear cut difference between the powerful and rich people and the poor and helpless ones. The difference in these two is so conspicuous everywhere. It is up to the rich and powerful to narrow it or keep it like that only.

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    Nice post by the author. "Survival for the fittest " it came in my mind. In animals too this rule is followed. From the picture it looks as if sparrow is asking someone to feed it also like he/she is feeding crow.

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    Sir, link creation, the way I created it, was a mistake. I did try to edit it but was unable to do so. Will take care next time.

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    The author has shown clearly the difference between the rich and the poor. The rich people will be always concentrating on their lives and they will be busy getting all the luxuries available in this world. But they will never see a person who is staring at him with a hungry stomach and expecting to get a little food from him.
    I see many rich people who go and waste a lot of money for their food in a big restaurant. But they never offer at least Rs.100 to their driver who will be sitting outside in the car waiting for these people to come out. Such is the mentality of some rich people.

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    The author is right to say that there is rift between both classes- rich and poor. Rich hold higher status in the society whereas poor are regarded as lower grade people. They have no voice , if they raise their voice they are unheard. They are not as respectable as the rich people are. This is the reality of the society. But this is also a fact that poor people are also essential part of this society whether or not they are given respect. On record they are equal citizens of this country. They have equal rights in the society but practically, they are pushed into a corner.

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    In today's materialistic and false life, the person who is somehow fulfilling his own needs, by succeeding, is telling the ways of success to the oars. Often those people have seen progress, who have taken away the rights of Oro or have weakened the weak. This is an approach, that is why the poor and the poor are getting richer and richer. Man has to fight for his basic needs bread, cloth, and house. When a common man is unable to fulfill them, how can he dream of moving ahead, his life will end in fulfillment of these basic needs. Today the per capita income has increased, but it is only for those capitalists who are running their business smoothly, who have all possible help from the government. Unless the schemes made for the poor reach the poor directly, it will widen the gap between rich and poverty. There is a saying that money is earned only by money. So where will the poor person become rich because the stamp of poverty has been imposed on him.
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    There remained a difference between rich and poor since time immortal. The brave ruled the world and became rich. Nature also supports some of the people to become rich while some suffer in the ditch of poverty. But a good person even after becoming rich would be kind-hearted and helpful to fellow beings. I have seen some rich persons who help many poor families, students, and other needy person and they even do not advertise these things. This is the real way of helping others. If rich people are like that then our world would definitely become a livable place.
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