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    Nemesis and a new resolve

    This is with reference to a photo of a Mynah bird and Crow taking a leisurely paced walk on the clean yard below as seen from a flat above.

    That picture made me to think of the ironic situation we all are all now in. The Covid pandemic has turned world almost upside down. Humans suddenly lost their freedom and dominating boldness. They became scared of the minutest invisible enemy. The MAN who overcrowded the ground, sky and sea suddenly emptied all spaces and retreated to his home. To tread outside he has to cover his face and nose. What a lesson he is taught. It appeared as if nature tells him to 'keep quiet, don't breathe badly'. Is nemesis catching with him?
    He who suffocated all tiny, creeping, crawling and flying creatures by spraying chemicals suddenly has to cover his nose and body to prevent a micro virus suffocating him.

    Though the picture does not show it, I can imagine a human being standing at the windows in a flat above envying the birds taking the ground and walking freely without any fear or needing mask or cover, while he is now sitting in 'cage'. He yearns for the day when he can walk on that ground as freely as these birds. I can also sense his resolve to amend the ways of mankind and love all creatures and 'live and let live'.

    (This is a TOW contest entry )
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    This is the nice post and the author imagination has run wild and differently connecting to the picture contest and I fully second with him that human beings are surely envying the birds as they need not follow the covid rules, fly freely, eat anything and mingle with all whereas the human being is subjected to the cage, always having the fear of contacting with infections and thus even the human being are given the wings to fly, they would fly happily leaving this world which is more risky to stay now. Though the picture contest do convey the fight between the mighty and the weak but author chose to imagine something else and that connected to me instantly. One thing is sure , the birds are now having more freedom than the human beings and they can decide nor take rest anywhere but we have to stay put at home.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Beautiful depiction and well presented. Yes, today we envy these free birds or other animals who are not worried about the pandemic. Their life is not changed while the humans are under house arrest.
    Knowledge is power.

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    True. Kings may become servants and servants may become kings. All is destiny. If we keep this fact in our mind we will live a great life. Today's richness may not be there tomorrow. and Today's pains may not be there tomorrow for the servant. So we should be good to other people when you are powerful and never try to harm somebody who is not strong today. He may become strong tomorrow and he will try to take revenge on you. Go always with the policy od Live and Let live. The author made a good attempt to correlate the photo with the fact of life and I appreciate him for his attempt.
    always confident

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    Nice thread posted by the author. The man was able to think that we made big discoveries. Reached Mars. Everything is possible now. No nation could work with a nation on its own. People were happy in their own vanity. People's life was running at a rapid pace on a quadruple path. Nobody wanted to be left behind by anyone. Western civilization climbed on people's heads and knew who knew that the lifeless virus-like corona would block the progress path and change life. Change is the truth and law of the world. This device has been proved by the Coronavirus. Corona has lost its life. People have been forced to remain imprisoned in their own homes. People used the term social distance, social distance more and more, and why not? In Corona, social distance is not the only treatment but effective treatment is necessary to be alert from the disease.
    Swati Sharma

    Keep your Face to the SunShine

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