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    Join us, make one's livelihood

    Birds are the beautiful creatures in nature. Every creature is looking for little food and little shelter to make it's own livelihood. It is a welcome note to the viewers that even a crow can reinforce co-operation to share food with other bird species like the sparrow.

    As humans we have a lesson to learn that sharing little quantities of food at the time of natural hazards, calamities can save the lives of many children, women, youngsters, old aged people around us.

    Save nature, save humanity is the key morale depicted through this picture.

    This thread is for November 2020 picture based TOW contest
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    Well the author has brought the great traits to be present in human beings that is to reach out to others. But the image which was shared on the photo content tells something else. That the opportunity may not come unless and until sought are keep waiting for the others to seize the situation. Though we are also eligible to share and go with, but that can happen only when the other who is in command oblige to our wants. In reality such things wont happen with the humans beings because we are selfish motive and wants to grab the opportunities for us first and then think of leaving to the others mercy. But there is nothing wrong to think that everything has to be done with cooperation and coordination and seeking the help of others to forge join hands is the greatest trait and that should happen for ever to the good of mankind.
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    Outlook of the author about picture of birds focuses on mutual cooperation, amiability, understanding, taking about personal liberty and standing by one another when they need each other. It's the essential aspect of the issue that all of us should respect each other's identity and honour. Status may differ from person to person but manners should be kept in mind while dealing with each other.

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    It depends on an individual, whether to seize the opportunity or create an opporrunity. A person who does sacrifice for the well being of humanity may not expect any fame. Some look for opportunity and just complete the scheduled works at the need of the hour. Think positively for supporting humanity.
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    Yes. The birds help each other. They don't have any selfish motives behind their acts. They share their food and they share their happiness. They allow other birds to live their lives peacefully. They will have a better understanding of them. So if a human being also understands these facts and try to follow them we never see a single person dying for want of food. But That is impossible. we have many selfish thoughts and we act with bad intentions. So joining together and making livelihood together will be a very difficult issue in humanbeings.
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