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    Learn success from others

    Looking at the picture I get a feeling that sparrow is looking at the crow with admiration and learning things.

    We all know the story of a crow who put stones to drink water which was in the bottom of a pot. That story is good enough to prove how clever and intelligent crows are. Here Sparrow is looking at the crow and trying to learn crow's intelligence and how crow lives her life successfully (in this case Sparrow may be learning how crow gets her food when needed. Note that sparrow is much good looking than a crow. Still, Sparrow regards crow as her role model.

    Hence this photo gives all of us a message that we should try to learn from successful persons or a role model, whoever the person maybe. That too, silently without creating any hatred.

    Yes, observing a successful person is one of the best ways to improve ourself.

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    No doubt we can seek inspiration and success stories from others but when it comes to our life and our decision, nothing is better than our own effort which is coupled with consistency, perseverance and above all greater commitment. Because each one has their own approach towards the success story and that cannot be our yardstick. For example, Mahatma Gandhi was the lone starter of non-violence movement and many joined the same on seeing his effort for the greater cause. Here the success story was so inspiring and beneficial to all the surge to support was great and spontaneous. Whereas when it comes to our personal life decisions, we cannot ape others and follow their success story because, they achieved with a different yardstick, different goals in their mind to which we cannot subscribe and follow it.
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    I agree with the author that the story of a successful person inspires us and we should learn a lot from them. But it needs to develop good qualities and generate will and determination for success which depends on the execution of our roadmap, how our planning is to be implemented evinces whether or not success is imminent.

    In this thread, the author has compared two birds from different angles. The big bird is a source of inspiration for the small bird which is shown as a learner of guts to succeed and how the big bird is successful is proven by giving an example that it used its mind to quench its thirst when water in the pot wasn't accessible to the crow. It used pebbles to increase the level of water in a pot.

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    We can learn many issues from successful persons. We can understand how we have to balance our life and how we can command success.

    We hear many stories of people who started their lives with Zero and how they became rich without doing any illegal or unethical works. We can learn from a successful person how we should behave after getting success. Sucess should make us more down to earth than putting up a big show. We have to follow their footprints. Then we can also become successful. A successful person will always be a good inspiration to many others who really want to be successful.

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    The author has said the right thing when we know about the life of a successful person, then our motivation increases and we learn a lot from such people. It is a coincidence that successful people have some of the same qualities, which sets them apart from the crowd. The question is, what makes successful people successful? Do they have something innate that leads them to success or is it a common way to face every challenge? Who is such a 'successful' person who would not have suffered failure and reproach! The story of those whom we consider being successful people of the world also stands on the basis of rejections and unsuccessful attempts. People ranging from film industries to those who have been successful in administrative service have faced failure. Successful people are always looking for new challenges. They are not afraid to go into unknown areas. They are not afraid to learn new things and at the same time, they are active in enhancing their abilities.

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    Many people are self-inspired and active to take up a task or job but at the same time, there are many who look up to a role model and then follow it for their ambitions. Picking up a role model for accomplishing our work s not a bad idea as you get suitable benchmarks to aspire for and then try to achieve them through efforts and hard work in your lives. Benchmarks help us in keeping us active till we achieve them.
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    The author has come up with the great learning from the picture. Yes that's right we should choose successful persons as our role model and try to walk on their footsteps. Crow is an intelligent bird whereas a sparrow is an innocent bird . It should be thinking of making crow it's role model to get sucess in its life and want to live life like a crow lives. We should learn from others. It's not that only successful people are the source of inspiration. One can learn from others too because I beleive that every one has good qualities and its us who identify them and pick them.

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