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    Are you facing e disruptions during bank transactions?

    For the past two days the SBI Yono app is not working properly and many transactions made through this app got lots of fury and complaint against the bank because the accounts got debited but the beneficiary not got credited and thus whole lots of e transactions are getting affected. Even HDFC faced problems with its credit card payments and thus the RBI has imposed curbs on this bank. The customers of these two banks are heavily depended on e transactions and that is not happening so smoothly. What is your reactions?
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    I never used SBI Yono app. So I have no idea about the functioning of this app. But I am a regular user of HDFC online facility. There is no problem. Yesterday and today also I used it and I have not faced any problems. If there is any expected service break is there, they will be sending me a message.
    Sometimes there may be some problems due to unexpected problems. But overall the online transactions are going on well without any hindrances. It is 99% perfect. Once in a while, we may be getting some problems. But the benefits are much better and that is why many people are going for online transactions.

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    I face problem many times in doing online banking transactions. Many times they may be due to weak net connectivity. Rarely due to the software issues of the bank system. The other day I was trying to open a fixed deposit via net banking. It did not succeed. I did no get the transaction number . Then I tried one more time. That also failed. I got a message that 'your request is received'. The next day I got a message the deposit was opened. Another message that the transaction failed and sked to contact branch(That was the second attempted transaction. Naturally there was no balance after the first transaction and it failed so.)

    With SBI I have a relatively better experience. But with my another bank I face problems more. Many times I do not get OTP for a transaction. Many times the page does not open, the captcha goes on changing ,the link does not get stabilised etc. But I patiently try more and even leave and resume next day.

    Not only in net banking but even for online shopping also such thing happen.

    Currently I face a different problem as I am not successful in getting details of my son's APY details and statement.

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    The signals are weak for the past three to four days. I too struggled to make online and bank transactions taking lot of time, efforts and patience.
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    Since 2018 I am doing online transactions to transfer money to other banks, to pay Insurance, EB bills, telephone bills, railway reservations, online shopping with amazon and flipkart. I never encountered any serious problem while transacting business. Of course, at times, I did not receive the PIN from the bank that is valid for 100 seconds. It could be due to weak signal strength. During this month, I have transacted 10 transfers of money successfully.
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    Sun , did you do successful transactions through SBI or HDFC accounts ?
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    I am a State Bank of India account holder. I am doing net banking on it for a long time. I have never faced any problem with my transactions so far. With the Andhra Bank account also I have never faced any problem. As suggested earlier, if there was any problem, it could be due to the server becoming slow.
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    Online transactions have many glitches from time to time due to various reasons. The mobile signal weakness is one prominent reason and the other one which I have experienced is the payment gateway thing and that also sometimes some payment gateway works quickly and sometimes the other one. So there are so many factors which make a transaction successful. Sometimes, I observe that there is no problem for quite a long time but then there are so many problems that I think let me go to the Electricity office and pay the bill in cash. Online systems are supposed to be robust but there are technical problems many times and we can't help it. Many people keep a number of cards and combinations and if one does not work they try the other. But it is cumbersome to have so many cards and you have to pay the annual charges for them unnecessarily.
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