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    By responding late to contests, are you getting more ideas?

    I have been keenly observing the contests and the responses thereof in this site since many years and found that members would be observing the responses of front line members who are regular and see how the contest contents are submitted and thereby they get the clue about to how to churn better their content and thus arrive at the good content to compete with. Is this a good trait to be followed by all and in that case the first few days of content thread would be lull and no takers. What is your view on this and how the ISC is looking over this happening?
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    Those who are submitting at the eleventh hour are blessed to have the ideas of all their predecessors but the catch is that then their writings will be more and less copy of one of the earlier ideas and lose a chance to win. That is one point and other is when you read so many ideas then your mind would be blurred and you will forget your own ideas. Best thing is do not read the earlier entries and make your first and then read them. If we feel that mine is incidentally similar to one of them then we change our entry. The creative writing require that our mind should not be prejudiced with some other idea and style in which someone has presented his work. Moreover there are many other factors which matter for a winning in the contest. If we give a common theme to all for writing a story, the result will vary much.
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    Yes even I do notice it that most of the people submit their entry on the last days and by doing so they get the benefit as they know about what to write and get the clue from those who submit their entries early on. But simultaneously there is a drawback too as they may not be getting ideas to write upon because many of the ideas they might be thinking already might have been taken by someone else.

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    True. To participate in a contest, members wait for other members to post, to watch and participate after getting some clues. And there are members who only watch and comment but don't participate. Also, there are members who don't go through the contest instructions and guidelines, but post it in a hurry as first participant.

    In ISC contests, it would be nice if all the active members participate, to make it very interesting, and make it tough for the contest organizers to select the best.

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    Many times some people submit their entry in the last minute. They may be busy and may not be able to find the time. So they are doing that at 11th hour. There is an advantage of reading the posts of all others and trying to get some clues. But at the same time, there is a disadvantage also. The idea what you thought might have been already been submitted by somebody else. In such a case, one has to search for another clue. If ISC gives an early bird advantage many people may try to submit as early as possible I think. Chances of getting an award may be high if we read all the entries and try to make the best one. Anyhow, we can't find fault with such entries also as they can submit at any time before the closing time. Anyone can do that.
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    The the ISC should not award those threads which would be based on the clues from host of threads.
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    One need not watch other's responses to get a better idea. Ideas are not one's own property. The same idea may occur to many and as one member has put it rightly, the member responding late will be at a disadvantage also as someone else has presented such an idea before. In a contest, not only the matter but the way it is presented will also count. If any member feels that others are taking advantage of his brilliant idea, he can as well submit his response to the contest at the last minute.
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    If I am having interest or time to participate in a contest, I do that immediately on logging in and seeing the announcement. Otherwise I will lose interest and may no participate at all. Moreover if I delay, I would have forgotten the earlier idea or thought and the new creation may be something entirely different.

    So I straight away post my content for the contest, immediately on seeing and reading the announcement thread. I generally do no read other entries before I post my content.

    However sometimes it happens that I read a thread led from the New Posts page, respond to it and then realise that it is a contest entry. In such cases I might have read a contest thread by another member. But usually they do not influence me as I have my own thoughts and responses to anything. I do not bother also about these things. If my thread gets recognised good. If not also good. Just because I got a prize, I do not get excited nor do I get disappointed if I did not get it.

    Many times I do not get prompted by a thread or contest and I keep quiet and away from it. Sometimes I get attracted and interested on a thread by its title, message, narrative style or the subject matter. Then I post my response. Same in the case of contests also.

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    My response to the contests are truly depends on my time availability and my knowledge on that topic. When it comes to creativity contests, I prefer not to read other's contributions, so that my creativity will not get influenced. I want to think from my perspective and I don't even want to get the pressure of doing better than others. Sometimes, if we find someone already contributed similar to our idea, we may need to change our mind. I believe that the same idea can be delivered in a different way. So, for the creativity based contests, giving a fresh start is always a better option.

    When it comes to ebook contests, I take a step back and give my name after 5 or 6 participants. Because, I think I should participate more and more and get confidence in making a better start for the confidence. So, it purely depends upon the contest type, my knowledge on it and my time availability.

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    If ISC policy is to award those who respond first that is squarely missing in many cases.
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