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    Spreading misinformation in the name of information is now a new normal.

    With smartphone in every hand adeed with free or cheap data, Information explosion is happening and in this spread of information a lot of mis-information is also spread. Be it through Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Google or any other medium.

    These platforms have responsibility to curb such false or wrong information but still due to the huge user base and content posting by millions every second it becomes a very difficult task and lots of fake, false news or information gets circulated.

    The information may be about some celebrity, or some breaking news or some political events, etc.Even a lot of false medical advices and tips gets circulated and people actually try them believing them to be true.

    Many times quotes are quoted in the name of person who never actually said it. These misinformation create a lot of confusion and lack of trust on most social media as well as Google results as people who fall to such mis-information stop believing these platforms.

    Those behind such news and facts are mostly marketers who what to gain user following or who just want to create a sensational news just for a short lived fame.

    One can be cautious but with the amount of data and information shared all around we slowly become averse to such platforms and they lose their charm. The social media as well as internet is full of traps and wrong information and some alternate means of providing genuine information must be found out.
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    I agree with the author for raising his concern. All wrong information leave their bad impact on gullible users too. But it is not confined to social media only, even main stream media is highlighting and spreading false news. Main stream media is not expected to involve in spreading false information because a large number of people watch these channels and they take all the false information as authentic which results in loss of credibility of media.

    In recent verdict of high courts of different states have warned some channels to spread false news. Other responsible organisations have also pointed it out. Some of the news channels were made to apologise for their act.

    Large part of social media is not reliable though, but some youtube channels give authentic coverage from ground reporting. These YouTube news channels are run by ex-media stalwarts. I miss their deep insight of the current issues in main stream media. It's not good for democracy that people are losing faith in main stream media. In on going farmers strike around Delhi reporters of main stream media are completely neglected.
    Earlier Hon. Home Minister has also dissented with media on this issue.

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    This is very true. Misinformation is being spread across. Intentionally somebody is creating and from there on the information is being forward by many to many more. It has become a chain process and false and fake information is spreading like a wildfire.
    What is the benefit the person is getting by spreading this news is not known? What object it is serving is not known. Social media is having many positive points. But it is creating problems for many because of these few people who use this for spreading fake news.
    Many posts will have a quote and in the bottom, there will be the name of a famous personality. But when you go into the details you will never find that quote against the name of such a famous person. Why one should do this? That way social media is never reliable and we should not take the information from this media as true.

    always confident

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    The technology that has come from social media has brought a lot of good with it. Communication is happening immediately - of knowledge, of information. People are not dependent on the medium of communication - the newspaper, and TV. You get instant information about rain even through social media. There are also portals of newspapers and TV channels through which instant information is available. But the curse that this technology has brought is that people can and are using it to spread any false information. Such pieces of information spread as fast as fire spreads in the forest. It is very important to stop such people who have created this wrong information. Many times, even educated people do not go to the bottom of such news and forward it to other people which is a sign of imprudence. Social media is a great platform for many knowledgeable things, people should not use it for misguided others.
    Swati Sharma

    Keep your Face to the SunShine

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    There is no control over the content in social media. Whoever wants it posts it. There is no authenticity of the data. Some do it for fun but some do it for some other ulterior motives and hidden agenda and that information does harm to the society as it misleads many people and they take a wrong decision. We have to be very careful about this and one thing is that there are some channels in YouTube or Facebook etc which are already defamed for their wrong information and we should all boycott those and only see the genuine channels. This will discourage the defaulters in the web.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    Social media is agog with activities of much happening and many a time we are indulging in forwarding the message without even verifying the credential and misinformation. Only yesterday there was a wrong message campaign that BJP has won 83 seats out of 150 divisions and even fire crackers busting video was shared and that made everyone to believe. But when we verified on tv the message was wrong. This kind of misinformation will not only create commotion but also rift among the supporters. What I feel that that share information first phobia is present among many and they try to create wrong information without even bothering as to how it would effect the supporters or the opposition wrongly and even they would attract the police action immediately as spreading misinformation is a crime.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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