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    Is mobile harmful for domestic disputes today?

    Mutual confrontation, misunderstanding, communication gap, imbalance in temperament, intolerance, undue interference by either or both families widen a big rift in the relationship of a married couple.
    If we go back to the 1990s there was no mobile phone. Some people were dependent on landline phones. Trunk call booking was the way to communicate with family. But the majority of people were dependent on postal services. Generally, a letter would take 3 or more days to get delivered to the addressee. So if any family dispute would ever occur between a couple, a married woman would inform her parents about family disputes- how her husband mistreated her, how her sister in law and laws quarrelled with her. This complete coverage of incident would reach after a few days and if they would set for the journey the same day they would take a week or so to reach and in the meantime, all disputes between her and husband or other family members might have been resolved. But now live coverage of the entire story can be relayed then and there with the help of mobile and her family members including her parents, brothers, sisters, uncles reach on the spot and then starts unofficial court processing without any judgement. In some cases, it results in separation or divorce.
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    Rightly said by the author. I think mobile is useful as well as harmful. Nowadays, mobile is one of the causes of dispute among family member. Earlier, our technology was not advanced. We were mostly depended on postal services for communication. So, if any kind of dispute happens in the family then it is solved by itself. But, today the situation is different. During the dispute, we not only make a call to a family member but starts video calling on the spot. So, the dispute becomes elaborate. Moreover, today mobile is everything for any person. You can know everything by checking the mobile of any person. Generally, every transaction, banking, communication. shopping and so on are recorded in mobile due to the digital world. So, easily you can detect the secret of a person through their mobile phone.

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    The author is right. In earlier times, when there was no mobile, people used to have a lot of interaction. The process of dialogue used to go on. People understood each other's pain and feelings. Also used to try to solve the problems. Now things are happening a lot after the arrival of mobile, but the distance between the hearts has increased considerably. There is no proper communication between people. The web of personal problems is growing and the foundation of relationships is getting weaker. In such a situation, relationships are becoming less and more are breaking up. Variation in the world of imagination It is true that we all need mobile phones to be connected to the outside world for personal and business reasons. Nowadays, sitting face to face and talking has also reduced. Parents say that children are also mostly busy in the mobile world, due to which the communication is becoming less. The negative impact on relationships can sometimes be the reason for the breakdown of relationships.
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    100% correct. The interference of other members in family disputes increased. When two people are living together small difference of opinions will definitely arise among them. But they have to understand each other and resolve the disputes amicably. Then only the married life will be peaceful. But these days because of this fast communication from one end to another end, these issues are becoming big and taking unwanted turns. The girl will inform something to her mother. She will convert and discuss with her husband and other children staying with her and direct the girl the way she has to act. This is making the issue more complicated.
    Always it is better to resolve the issue between the couple between themselves itself. But if we escalate the same definitely it will be doing more harm than help. Even the girl tell something her parents should not encourage the girl to widen the gap. They should advise her to discuss with her husband and resolve the dispute amicably.

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    Mobile is playing duel roles at the current time. Take the case of a small rift occurring between husband and wife and in no time it will be flashed to their parents. In what manner such a rift can be sorted out by their parents residing thousand kilometres away from their daughters. This will definitely the spoil their normal relationship. Earlier, in absence of mobile phones, we used to attend STD booths fo early delivery of our messages to our relatives on high charges. Hence such a contact was limited.
    There was also a provision of writing letters to our relatives taking inordinate time to reach the letters to the designated address. But then there was an advantage of such a mode, there was no indication of any family issues in such letters on those days and the family issues got resolved in their own ways.
    Trouble has started only after the frequent usage of mobile phones in the families and this has fuelled passing on family issues to their parents and for this no immediate solution is forthcoming except the maturity of the couples.

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    The way it is used nowadays is undoubtedly to increase conflict. The overdependence on technology has made us crazy. We cannot wait for a while if there are some issues and look for an instant solution even for things that will settle down automatically with time. When there are small misunderstandings and subsequent quarrel between a couple it should be given some time. Let both of them realize the real issue. It can be resolved automatically, instead, if the girl informs her parents instantly the issue will get undue importance and will turn complex which is described in the thread by the author. All problems have to be resolved but it takes a little time to analyze and look for the solution. In many cases, an instant solution is not possible but most of us look for such solutions.

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    Mobile is only a communication device and it provides it quickly. Now it depends on the people how they use this facility. It can be used for quick redressal of a problem or deteriorate the situation further by too many people who join in the scene much earlier than required and might malign the young minds. So having mobile in hand people in excitement or raze of the quarrel phone to near and dears to get some irrational advice and then the problem starts. Actually speaking, marital conflicts are to be resolved by the couple themselves without outside interference. The other people, however close to they are, might have some agenda of their own and can take some mileage out of it. One should not use mobile in such cases as people are always ready to give their advices and suggestions whether that really suits to the couple or not.
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    While the world was with out any electronic gadget like Mobile phone with audio and video facilities, it was moving very slowly. There were no much court cases with family disputes. There was no immediate reaction. But with the advent of communication development, the world is moving fast with quick reactions. We are acting with a click. The court cases have increased.

    Yet, I won't say that Mobiles phones are harmful. It is very helpful to sort out issues. An ill treated wife can take video of the ill treatment and show it as an evidence to get divorced.

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    I am not able to understand the connection between mobile and the possibility of a domestic dispute resolution. When there is a dispute first we should try to resolve it ourselves and then only wash our dirty linen in public. If we have a mobile there it does not mean that on a small thing or problem, I will phone to my relatives or parents. It is ridiculous. Only when the water crosses the head we have to inform others. No one is going to help you as you have to find a solution yourself. If someone informs her or his parents or relatives or friends on a small spark in the family then I would say it is a childish act and the person has not grown up.
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    Exactly. I totally agree with the author. Recent mobile usage creates communication gap or brittle communication. In those days a call recipient of landline phone communicate the information received to others but many mobile users don't so. Sometimes the recipient do not grasp the information clearly as he may be in travel or amidst some other work etc., Many forget to spread the needy information as received to other relations and so the purpose of communication failed and sometimes leads to quarrels or misunderstanding or even in problem.

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