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    The policy of live and let live

    You have your traditions and I have my traditions. You belong to a culture while I belong to another one. You speak a language which is not understood by me as I speak an entirely different one. You practice a religion which is different from my religion. So, there are so many obvious differences between you and me but both of us are surviving because we believe in the policy of live and let live. You are free to observe your ways of life and I am free to live my life the way I want. Neither I disturb you nor you disturb me. We are living in this world in complete harmony. If every person on Earth understands this doctrine then we can avoid wars, confrontations, and disputes from our lives forever. We can coexist with each other doing our respective individual work in the same environment. We can progress in the life together for a better future. There is no place for aggressions, conflicts, and invasions in this set up as we are happy in what we have and not worried or jealous of what others have. All this we can achieve if we follow the policy of live and let live.

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    I do agree with the author's view. Different religion of people lives in our country where people have a different lifestyle. So, you can't say this is good or that is bad. Every religion has its own tradition and culture. Everybody want s live their life own way. Sometimes, people criticise to another religion and starts movement as already might have read in the newspaper.
    As far as I understand, we should respect every religion and culture. So, It is correct to say live and let live

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    A nice thread posted by the author. The message of living and let live was given years ago, by gave this message so that all people should live their lives lovingly and with service. But to date, the message has not been followed by us humans. Even today, we are living in the ideology of the same fight, fighting with each other, fighting in the name of religion as if world war has broken out. We should never forget that religion never teaches us to fight or envy each other. Human civilization has to understand that every creature on earth has the right to live its life. All beings should live together so that all people can spend their life happily. There should always be a feeling of compassion and compassion for every creature in our minds. We should help every person and should not kill animals and birds, but love them.
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    Very true. I agree with the author. Live happily and let others live too.
    Also ISC truly represent India because India is a world in itself where hundreds of languages are spoken, many religions are practiced upon, different traditions, customs, rituals, clan, caste, many groups are the part of this vast Indian society. People of different colour, facial features, views, dogmas, theory, tenets live happily. We need to understand that we should be broad-minded, open-hearted people. Else , neither we can live happily, nor can others.

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    Mahatma Gandhi gave the message of live and let live to the whole world. He believed in nonviolence and spread love between the different people belonging to different culture and background. Today we need to learn how to coexist amicably and then only have peace in this world.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    I agree with the author. All of us should practice Live and let live policy. We should never feel that our neighbours are a hindrance for our growth. God has given us this life and all are having the same opportunities in this world. It is the individual's ability to make use of these opportunities and growing. We should do it with our abilities but not by spoiling others.
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    I agree with the view of the author that we should remain with harmony despite having our cultural differences. We don't block the path of others with the unnecessary enforcement of some clause. Though, we cannot understand the languages of each other, but still we smile seeing each other's face. This is the indication of our mutual love for each other.
    We cannot have any confrontation unless we understand their emotions, limitations and their other cultures and it is always essential to know the ways they are following. With the greater understanding of different facets of the other parties, there would be the least chance of animosity between us.

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    We all preach the policy of 'live and let live' and when it comes to following many looks the other way. The message is loud and clear and all of us have to understand that the world is a place for all of us and nobody has a larger share in this place. By following this we can avoid conflicts but there are people who remain busy by demonstrating how powerful they are than the others which mostly gives rise to various conflicts. This realization of the world is a place for all and we all have to coexist should occur as early as possible and it is also the responsibility of our fellow beings to make others realize it. If we all can realize this, the world will be a happier place.

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