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    What do you understand by this statement?

    We are fighting against Covid-19 a deadly virus. Research is going on to find a vaccine. Many medicine scientists are on the job. Many medical pharmacies are busy finding a vaccine. Few reputed companies are coming up with a statement that the vaccine is tested and is successful with some percentage. This percentage confuse us.

    If a vaccine is said to be 95 percent successful, what does it mean?
    Does it mean - if 100 people are vaccinated, 95 people would survive and 5 people would die?

    Please clarify this doubt.
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    Generally, when a vaccine is tested then it is given to a sample of large number of people and then they are monitored and if it is found that some of them are getting the infection even after getting vaccinated then that gives an idea about the effectiveness of the vaccine. For example if out of the 1000 people vaccinated about 25 get the infection then the success rate is (1000-25)/1000 = 97.5%. This is a very rough method and results differ from sample to sample. Ideally speaking, it should be 100%. But medical science also has some limitations. So though every one yearns for 100% success, it cannot be achieved.
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    The purpose of vaccination is to save the person from the virus. The vaccine will develop antibodies and destroy the virus. So the Vaccine is successful 100% means, once the vaccine is administered, no person will get infected with the virus. It is 95% success means if the vaccine is given to 1000 person, 950 people will never get infected by the virus. Many vaccines used earlier are also having this success percentage at a maximum of 70 also.
    The percentage is not an indication of death or survival. The vaccine may work or may not work. But it will not kill a person, I think.

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    Until a vaccine is tested fully it is difficult to predict its effectiveness. The medical companies or research institutions which are making a vaccine must be trying it on some people before releasing in the market. So whatever success rate they mention might be the authentic one as drug controllers and administration would not approve their drug till it is fully confirmed by the testing practices in the medical industry.
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