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    Do dried flowers bring negativity?

    There is a belief that dried flowers should be discarded right away otherwise it brings in financial difficulties and general negativity to the home. Do you keep dried flowers for a prolonged period of time? What is your view in this belief?

    Flowers are liked by everyone and we all know that fresh flowers bring positivity to the house. But according to Vastu, fresh flowers should always be kept in the house. While positive energy is generated from fresh flowers, keeping dried flowers in the house produces negative energy. For this reason, when the flowers dry, they should be kept out of the house immediately. It is also believed by people that Mata Lakshmi does not enter the house where the dried flowers are kept, due to which the home may suffer and the person has to face financial problems.

    But many times, we want to keep some flowers, such as flowers of the worship of God which we got from a religious place or a gift gifted by someone special. What do you believe - does keeping a really dry flower bring negativity, or is it just an assumption?
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    It is just an assumption. We visit several temples all through the year, can we store all the dry flowers? After few days we have to dispose it. It is clearly said that dry flowers should be disposed, if left would be a clutter making the place untidy. Mata Lakshmi will be present when there is cleanliness. Secondly, there are some dry flowers which are used as medicines. If such dry flowers are utilised as medicine on a regular basis, it is not a clutter. It is for the well being of an ailment. Consider both the situations to decide which dry flowers to be used and which to be disposed. This varies from person to person, place to place and on one's thoughts too.
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    I don't know if it's anything to do with any religion. Perhaps has some knowledge about it.

    Dired flowers should be binned as heap of dried flowers look nasty garbage. But some flowers which are gifted as the token of love and friendship are preserved in books or diary or somewhere else safely by some people because it is the matter of heart.

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    Dry flowers need not be stored for long. Today we worship God with some flowers. Next day morning we will remove those flowers and perform pooja again with fresh flours. These dried and removed flowers will be kept in a corner our side the house and within the compound wall in a bin. This can be dumped in any canal or lake when we go to that place. Otherwise, we can dig a pit in the house and put these dried flowers in that pit. This is how we manage the used and dried flowers. Even the flowers which are given in the temples also can be treated like that. Otherwise, these dried flowers will attract more insects like mosquitoes and flies which are not good for our health.
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    I do not place flowers on a daily basis as an offering and I do not believe in this supposed Vastu principle, not really bothered about clearing away dried flowers right away. In fact, I don't like to immediately remove flowers, not even the next day. I like to leave them as they are on the Deity's shelf for a few days. I only remove dried up flowers immediately if they are the type that attracts insects.
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    The fungus will start evolving if dried flowers are left for a number of days unattended. There are different flowers having different shelf life like chrysanthemum can stay for three to four days. Knowledge of the life of such flowers helps us to change after the short periods of 3-4 days. If you have an idea to store in books, note that some petals of flowers may leave a scar behind. This cannot be erased or removed.
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    I personally don't like to wear flowers after it becomes dry. I replace flowers to God once or twice in a week only. I don't replace the flowers I keep at home as soon as they get dried. But when I notice it so ugly, yes I do.

    As mentioned by the author of the post, flowers from some temples should be saved for some auspicious reasons like garland from Thirumananjeri should be saved till the respective person gets married. But what I noticed is that the priest asks the garland to be well packed after it gets dried and put it on a roof or somewhere away from the handy places.

    So my understanding is the negativity from dried flowers is not the negative vibes, but the disturbance in neatness or the fungus created from the dried flowers.

    Some people keep the dried flowers inside the books in memory of someone special. But please don't do it your favourite book, please. You may regret it forever. Because my sister who saved dried flowers in such a way for her Botony project lost her favourite book. Some of the flowers spoiled the pages. If you really want to save the flowers, put it in a transparent polythene ziplock cover with a label.

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    Normally we keep changing flowers daily and the dried own were discarded or thrown out. The life of the flower would be for one day and the next day new flowers would decorate the photos of Gods kept in the Puja room. It is the fact that when the flowers loose fragrance, it should not be kept with the God and that is the reason being so not every flower can be decorated to be kept on Gods. feet. It is also the fact that dried flowers would become the waste item once used and they must be disposed off. But there are people who are keeping the dried flowers like Mandaram, Chamanthi, rose for reuse in terms of growing hair if mixed with the coconut oil and this is done by the old house holds who know this technique of growing thick, black and long hairs without break of strands and thus keep the old flowers for recycling to other use.
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    We don't use flowers except in pujaas and after the puja the flowers are scrapped next day. I don't know that dry flowers brings negativity as per vastu. I remember we used to keep flowers and the leaves in the sun to let them dry and then used to keep in the notebook to let them further dry and used to paste them in botany notebook as a homework. That was the only think we used to do with the dried leaves and flowers.

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    This is only a tradition of convenience that when you get fresh flowers for the Puja purposes then you remove the old and used ones. That is all what logically can be said about this practice. People keep flowers in fridge and then they keep fresh for quite a long time and then one can use them for a long time. Many people keep the dried flowers pressed in an album and see it in a different form. If it is properly dried in sun and kept sealed in a plastic container away from the moisture then it can be a beauty for ever. You can look at it any time and remember and realise its glory even on that day. A dried flower is the past history of a blooming one and how it can bring sadness or sorrow to us when it is the future of a beautiful thing. When we see a beautiful person in his or her old age we do not feel sorry about that but are charmed by the grace presented to us. So, I believe anything old should be seen in that perspective and not in some false belief or hearsay.

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    Whatever is written in our religion has its own practical purpose and is eternally true. In this case too, if we will keep dried flowers for too long it will make our homes dirty and a day will come when no one would like to enter our home because everyone likes cleanliness and fresh vibes. So to make people carry out this our rishis have inculcated this a rule in Vastu.

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