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    Learn from children to be careful in every step.

    We have to make many decisions in life. When you make the right decision in your life that makes you successful and a wrong decision brings failure. You should keep in mind that any decision should not be taken in haste. Give time to it, know the positive and negative aspects of it and then make the decision.

    We should really learn from a young child who learns to walk when he takes care of his every step. If we make our decisions in the same way, then many wrong decisions can be avoided.
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    Decisions should not be taken in haste. The matter is to be understood fully, work out all the probable ways. Again discuss each proposal separately If necessary discuss with other people involved and make the correct decision. Some times brainstorming will also to be conducted based on the necessity and importance of the decision.
    When a baby tries to walk she may be careful for one or two days. But she may fall once or twice. Even then she will not stop walking. She will get up and start walking again. She continues the same still she becomes perfect. We should take this as a lesson. We may get some negative results sometimes for the decision we have taken. We should not go back on taking decisions taking these failures into account. We should continue taking decisions. Not taking a decision is not at all acceptable. Right or wrong. take a decision and implement and go ahead. This should be the attitude.

    always confident

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    Every right decision takes towards prosperity and a slight fumble in decision making uproots the All excitement and happiness. So, the decision making is an important element in life. Right decisions help stroll towards the right direction and achieve success.

    Decision making reflects the confidence and personality of a person. Decision-makers are brave enough to make a decision and fetch prosperity; throb the unsuccessful bids. Always taking the right decision will fetch great rewards and any wrong step taken in a hurry can snatch everything within minutes.

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    Decision making process requires comprehensive cogitation over all aspects of issue incorporating all alternatives and these alternatives should be analysed in detail before choosing the best out of them. Then, second stage of execution is also important which should be carried out in correct manner and on right time. Regardless of what result comes out, failure is also the part of efforts but failure should not be long lasting-effective.

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    It seems we forget to remember that when we grow up. At times we act very confidently, it can be said we become over-confident, and fail to take proper action. Following steps in any task is essential. It is seen that in many cases, people follow the right steps in the beginning, especially at the time of learning and later on when they become used to it they do not care much about the steps to be taken. This has to be avoided and we all need to remember that while climbing up if we misstep there can be a chance of falling down. Whatever decision is taken, a proper thought before that is a must and it is not possible to reach any peak by jumping. One has to progress step by step.

    "Life is easier when you enjoy what you do"

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    Nice comparison by the author as to how a small child steps so cautiously when trying to walk first time in his life. I also agree that we should not take any action or step in our life without proper homework or thinking.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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