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    Embroidery is a great art that embellishes the costumes

    Embroidery is an amazing craft of artisans who elaborate on the different costumes and make them look elegant. In particular, the Tilla embroidery of Kashmir is famous all over the world which adds grace and bride's look graceful in embroidered costumes. The bride's wedding suits in Kashmir are incomplete without the intricate designs of Tilla embroidery.

    Tilla dozi or Tilla embroidery is needlework of Tilla artisans done on different costumes like Kashmiri pheran, a long woollen gown, Shalwar kameez, Saree, Shawl and others. This Tilla dozi is done by gold or silver threads woven into the clothes through the needle to embellish intricate designs on clothes. Though there are machines available now for this Tilla work, handmade Tilla designs are still in demand.

    People in Kashmir are connected to this great work and craft this commendable art on different clothes despite facing difficulties. This needlework needs hard work and patience to accomplish the beautifully elaborate designs on costumes.
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    Embroidery is a great craft and in many countries, it is still a good source of employment. Kashmir was known for it much and people used to buy these works from there when they visited Kashmir as a tourist. My mother had an interest in it and I also learned some basic embroidery from her. Later we had a machine also and it was very easy to craft designs with that.
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    It is true that Embroidery is a very good craft and many ladies prefer to have this embroidery work on their dresses. I know some dresses where the cost of the cloth is very less but the dress looks beautiful due to this work and the buyers are ready to pay a higher amount also for this work. In Hyderabad in our area, there is a boy who will do this craft very well and many ladies give him their sarees for getting this embroidery work done on these sarees.
    Kashmir shawls with this work are very famous and many people go for these shawls. My wife and my sister learned this art to some extent and they try on their own sarees.

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