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    Should we keep it as secret or publicise to feel proud?

    This is relating to defence information. Should we keep defense-related information as secret or publish it to the open to drumbeat our force's value, power and capability. Why I raised this thread is - Defence force is a fighting force with arms and ammunition using missiles and guns and various gadgets. It should remain as a secret within the defence.

    Should the authorities openly come out and publish the information through articles and shows. Is it not an advantage to our enemies to know our strength and help them to improve their strength to fight against us?

    Today I happened to see a whatsapp video floating around about a big warship ship of India.

    Your views and comments.
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    Adding something new like a warship or a fighter jet to increase the capability of our defence forces can be publicized but the strategy to counter any oppression cannot be made public in any way for our safety. During any armed conflict, some news channels telecast certain programs where it is found that a few analysts are divulging some strategic information which is better not to disclose in public. Those programs are viewed by all including the countries which indulge in oppressive acts and if they become aware of the strategic points anybody can guess what may be the outcome. Time to time increasing the capabilities of our defence forces is necessary and when it is done it is done with some fanfare to make others aware of it. In every service, there are some rules related to privacy and secrecy and that rule has to be followed by all associated in the service.

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    When I have a gun at home for my safety, should I drumbeat and say that I have a gun at home? Should I publish what gun, what make, what range etc? Same is the case with defence of India. The defence capability should not be made public as to what we possess, what is our fighting efficiency etc.
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    The author might have missed that on 26th January on Republic day latest weapons are displayed in parade ground to show the strength of the country. The question raised by the author can be attributed to the strategic planning of our defence system or the execution of planning or deployment of army personnel or installation of weaponry- which are not divulged to the world.

    But nowadays advanced technology has exposed much of the defence system, movement and deployment of soldiers and placement of weaponry. And to know inside report from defence system and knowing the internal secret detectives are given a certain mission to perform within the given time. Several movies have been made on this issue. You might have watched some of them.

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    I agree that we are showcasing our Armed forces with its weapons on Republic day. But it is not wise to reveal the capability and the strength of weapon we possess. It would be Okay to publicise the information relating to the weapons we procured from other countries, but we should never reveal the capability of our own invented weapons and equipment. They should remain secret forever. Leakages of information would be advantageous to enemies to take evading or for counter action.

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    Sensitive data about our defence system should not be disclosed. The enemy should not guess our strategy. As regards advertising our acquisitions there is no harm in that because what we have procured and will be using in the war if such a situation comes has to be brought in the knowledge of the whole world including the enemy. So we have to be selective in disclosing the information.
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    Giving information about your weapons to other countries should not be considered to show your strength. It becomes important to tell about your strength so that the enemy country is alert and thoughts like invasion do not come to mind in the enemy country. Because in any situation when there is a war, even though we have more power, both have their losses. The main objective of the defense system is the defense of the country. Similarly, the Indian Army has the same goal for the country. That goal is nothing but protecting our country from enemies at all costs. For which he does not even think about his life. They compromise their lives. They do all this so as to maintain the security and unity of their country. Data that is related to our security and war strategy never shared by anyone and that is the most important thing.
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    I think new weaponry invented can be publicised so that the enemy will have a threat and unless otherwise, he has the ability to counter them will not attack. At the same time, the technology developed for making that system should not be publicised and it should be kept as a secret only. If this technology gets leaked it will become easy for them to make that. Otherwise, they will take a lot of time to develop that system and at that time we can come out with another latest version.
    The strategy that is being adopted by the country to safeguard the safety and security of the country should not be disclosed. They should be kept very confidential. Otherwise, the enemy will make a counter-strategy to fight with us.
    Say what are your strengths. But never say how to acquire those strengths and also how to use those strengths.

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