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    Why is Rajnikant likely to be a non-starter in Tamil Nadu

    Unlike most other States in the North of India, Tamil Nadu literally leads on every Human I Dex parameter. It has a fabulous record in Higher Education, and the presence of Government in all areas. Be it schools or arts and science colleges or polytechniques or the engineering colleges or the number of medical colleges. For example, there is a good Government hospital in every district of the State and thousands of poor patients get treated.

    If there is any new political party, the leader of the party cannot easily break the rock solid record of the two State political Dravidian parties -- the DMK and the AIADMK. Yes, it is true that the latter is populated by the most corrupted ministers, most of wh more than 3000 crores of black money each in their names. However, thanks to a very high of literacy and a booming service sector, the State still records a decent GDP growth of 7% year on year. What can a newcomer like Rajnikant do in this situation?

    He can at best split around four percent voted from each of these parties. But since the corruption of the DMK is widely recognized to be far less than the AIADMK, and when the ministers are exposed, the AIADMK is likely to be the loser. It's partner, the BJP is seen as the worst communal party in Tamil Nadu.

    Rajnikant has been now described as the BTeam leader of the BJP. Only when he talks about his ideas, there can be some opinion. At the moment he is a non-starter.
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    Not to talk about Rajnikanth and his starting of political party. The actor is not fit for politics. He had been saying that he would start a party since long. He has no self confidence, and the party if he starts would go like the party started by Kamalahasan (Makkal Neethi Maiyyam). As rightly said, Rajni's party might split the vote of DMK and AIADMK and other parties, a bit.

    It is our good advice to Rajni that he should rest and do one or two films in a year, and enjoy life watching the politics. Rajni's joining BJP won't help BJP or Rajni.

    No life without Sun

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