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    If Madhubala was alive she would have given run for present actresses

    Just came across the beautiful and adorable black and white images of old era actress Madhubala which captivated me very much sheer for her elegant looks without much make up and yet could do ease emoting and acting on any character and thus feel that she would have given the run for money to present day actresses of any language for that reason. She was the ruling heroine of those days when the films are made for two to three years gap and thus had few movies to reckon with yet she could floor many with her great performance career.
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    Madhubala was a charming actress of her time. She was born in 1933 and died at the young age of 36 years. She would have been 87 years of age now if she were alive. If she were born now, she could have been one of the popular actresses.
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    I am not talking her ageing factor or how she would look now but if she was present with old charm?
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    The actors of one era cannot be compared to the actors of another era. Madhubala is a natural beauty and such an actor will be successful at any time. Her picture s Mughal-E- Azam, Chalti ka Naam Gadi still bring very good memories.
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    When she could charm us in black and white era that makes the very difference.
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    She was very charming but she was not a good actress and she lacked acting skills as compared to actresses of that era so I don't think she might have been that much successful. She was popular because of her beauty only. Her performance in Mughle azam was appreciating and that movie was very succesful and it was not just because of her but also because of the co stars and the money that was spent on the making of the film.

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    No doubt, She was a very beautiful actress. All Bollywood accept that no other actress would have a beauty like this till now. She got name and fame from Mughle-a- Azam film. This movie made history in the film industry

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    Madhubala was a great actor of her age. She was the most beautiful heroine of all time. Another heroine of Hollywood was Marlene Munro, she is also known as the most beautiful heroine. These heroines were/ are the role models for today's heroines.

    In India most of the heroines still copy Madhubala. Her affair with Dilip Kumar was the talk of the day in past.
    Since her childhood, she wanted to be an actor. Her family was almost poor. She entered the film industry as a child artist. Devika Rani, the famous heroine of the pre-independence era gave her name Madhubala. Her real name was Mumtaz. But her real name was unknown to cinema-goers.
    She was a heart patient and died at a young age.

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    Some heroins of old times were very charming and if we assume that they come now with the same beauty then naturally people will be under their spell. At the same time we do not know what will be the result of the comparison of those old time heroins with today's heroins by the audience in general as the taste and choice of the audience changes with time. So, it is difficult to guess as what would happen in such case.
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    Hemamalini looks pretty even today. I am seeing her in some adds on TV. I think she is in her 70s, I feel. Like this, there are many beautiful heroines in earlier days. Madhubala is also one among them. We need not underestimate the heroines of these days also. There are many actresses who are acting very well and getting a very good fan following. So we can't compare the yesteryear's heroines with present-day heroines. Every actor is having his own specialities.
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    No doubt, Madhubala was a shining star of the past decades. If you ask my grandfather, he would say Madhubala was great. If you ask my father, he would say, Sadhana, Asha Parikh, Waheeda from the north, Rajakumari and Padmini from the south were great. If you ask me, I would say, Hema Malini, Sridevi was the best. If you ask my children, they would say Deepika Padukone, Katrina Kaif, Kajol are the best. If you ask my grandchildren, they would say, Alia Bhatt, is the best.
    As time changes, the choice for heroines also changes.

    Madhubala never appeared in Bikini. She never exposed her body. She was extremely beautiful in black and white on the silver screen.

    I too love her beauty and style.

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    Actually Madhuri Dixit has the near resemblance of Madhubala and hence was a hit among the mass.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    When I watched the movie 'Titanic' and lured by the beauty of actress Kate Winslet, the heroine of that film, I used to remember Madhubala who had resembled the English actress.
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