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    Do you also read every week's horoscope and believe in it?

    Normally, we humans have a habit that, without doing the work, people are more curious to know their future, people don't forget the past because they get used to cursing themselves like why did this happen to me, I missed a huge opportunity, everyone abused me, I will never forgive anyone, remembering the past and repeatedly pressing the refresh button in our brain, that's why we continue to feel sad and negative energy filled inside. We dream of how and when my future will be bright, whose search is supposed to read horoscope, but we should forget about the bad events of the past so we can improve our present. Some people also read horoscope due to interest. Suppose today it is written in the future that your journey will take place, will all those born in this one zodiac go out on a little journey, so get comfort to your mind, that is why everyone reads the horoscope and because of the lack of complete knowledge of astrology, you also believe and understand the truth.

    Today is Saturday and tomorrow will be the horoscope for the entire week coming in the Sunday newspaper. Are you also excited to know your future with the horoscope?
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    Leave about believing or trusting the horoscope predictions, many of us have the inclination to know about the luck factor and happenings stored for future and thus I too hook to the television horoscope being told every day at seven am on Zee Tamil in which for each star the deep prediction for the day and happenings are even fore told. Most of the predictions seems to be right and accepted. Especially the two and half day Chandrashtaman bothering every star for every cycle of moon movement is something to be believed and given credence and in my case the loss or the challenging period for that two and half day proved to be right. If that is happening then good predictions thus said may also going to happen and that is the great belief I inculcated through daily listening to astro predictions given by Arikesan Nallur Ventatraman.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Yes I do read my horoscope daily on internet. It's not that I beleive fully on the same. It's just because of the curiousity I read it. I remember when we did not have the mobile phones and internet we used to read horoscope in the newspaper but not now a days. It's not good to fully rely on these as these are not 100% true. Everyone wants to know his/her future but just to rely on the horoscope is not good . One should focus on the karma for the betterment of the future.

    " The two most important days in your life are the day when you are born and the day you find out why? "
    – Mark Twain

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    Weekly horoscopes are a great way of entertainment and interest for many of the people and some of them open that page only and after reading their luck for that week they keep the paper aside. The art of telling predictions based on horoscope is an old age science and many people believe in that. There is no compulsion that we have to believe in it and it is up to the person and in which culture he has been brought up to decide about this. Many who think logically and rationally might dismiss it. One thing one can observe that the language used in these predictions is time tested and very cryptic in nature. There will be many ifs and buts there with a lot of subjectivity and doubts. It will be advised that one should be careful of the enemies. Sometimes they would say that health might deteriorate. Many predictions are general in nature like during the week some quarrel might happen between the couple. There will be 4-5 predictions and even if one of them comes true our mind goes to that and next week we again see it for our curiosity.
    Knowledge is power.

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    I used to read even daily rasiphal in newspapers. Belief is the opinion of individuals. We can have some caution if any alert given. Though we can say the movement of graha and phal on their movement are false and unbelievable but even NASA agreeing the existence of grahas in the name of planets. Can a north indian deny the existence of potato in tamilnadu as they are not calling as aloo?
    Similarly predictions have already been in almanacs more earlier about the disasters. We,as neglects them,are facing problems. If the grahas are false how the weather forecasts are given and on what base.

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    I was having the habit of reading daily horoscopes and weekly horoscopes that published in newspapers and weeklies earlier. But these days I stopped referring them. Even I am not reading newspapers or weeklies hardcopies.
    There may be many people falling in the same sign of Zodiac as per the date. How we can expect that all will have the same type of time. That is only a guideline and there is no point in seeing them. But sometimes they may be useful. If it is mentioned that there are chances for an accident, on that day we can be more careful and take all precaution so that the possibility of an accident may reduce.

    always confident

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    The predictions are read out only due to curiosity. Their languages are definitely ambiguous having the double meanings. Some time, I have come across such remarks applicable to Gemini signs suggesting that they should not move out on Wednesday due to the their chances of accidents but even living in their homes, their health condition may detoriorate. Such remarks are quite confusing. Again the predictions are general in nature and in case, you have the time to go through the entire predictions of different signs, more or less the statements are of similar nature with some variance in the language. However, out of curiosity, I go through such predictions to see if some of the predictions come true this week.

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    Having some knowledge about Astrology, I generally don't go through such daily or weekly astrological predictions. I read and ignore them. There are few astrologers who fill in the columns of newspapers to make their earnings. They don't help us in any way. It is a time pass activity for the astrologers, the readers, and the media.
    No life without Sun

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    I want to add that weekly horoscope predictions are based on the Astrological calculations and are as per the basic Astrology. So, people who have faith in Astrology definitely go for the predictions based on it. There are so many people engaged in the business of Astrology and it is a type of employment and engagement for them. This is a source of livelihood for many. So, it has that side also and dismissing it just like that would be a setback to so many people.
    Knowledge is power.

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    Usually horoscopes predictions can be accepted once a year. I watch only once in a year and during solar and lunar eclipse. Daily, weekly horoscopes may divert us from our goals and the path on which we are leading towards success. I do not read such predictions, I always have positive thoughts for my actions and take support from my family, friends, collegues to achieve my targets. I also have faith in God that all positive actions leads to positivity in life.
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    Though I believe in astrology, I do not put faith on the daily or weekly predictions coming in newspapers and magazines.I never view such predictions coming n TV channels. But for a time pass I read the daily and weekly prediction coming in the newspaper I read. That is because I like their style of not giving any cruelly bad forecast.
    In short, I like them if they forecast good things. That will give a feel-good spirit. If it is not good, I tell myself they are wrong, but take some care to avoid bad happenings.

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    No one is going to destiny which is already written and being followed but what we always aspire as to know the future stored for us. Though we have confidence and control of our life, still the things are happening out of control and procedure which baffles us to create more importance towards astro predictions. May be we get some solace on getting postive information being told against our star predictions and we get sad on knowing bad moments in store. Nevertheless we should not give more credence as the life is changing for everyone and I am sure the corona effect was never predicted to any one who died of this virus and thus we cannot give full importance to astrological predictions. But one thing is sure as the planetary positions change, the luck and loss factors also govern our life for sure.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Our actions depicts our success or failure than the horoscope. If we notice that we can get a lottery by the month end, our action should be atleast to buy a lottery ticket. If we do not take up right actions at right time, we cannot expect end results. As our body requires all the nutrients to keep it healthy the starts should also favour us to bring in good luck. Hence prayers and our actions taken on a daily basis towards reaching our goal is inevitable.
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