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    What could be more exciting on receiving the first salary

    One of my friend's son invited me for a small get together last evening to celebrate the first salary receipt from the job for which I had provided him with the source. The boy was so excited to share the information that the salary which was promised for 10th of this month was credited on the 4th itself which he never expected and thus wanted to share the joy with close contacts. Yes it really matters for those who earn for the first time in their life and they feel independent on earning their own money. How about your first salary and excitements thereof?

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    Yes it's very exciting when someone gets his/her first salary. I remember 22 years back when I got my first salary that was 3k I was also excited and had made plans how to spend that amount. I purchased clothes for my parents and brothers with the first salary and from that day I promised myself that I won't ask money from my parents in future and I am thankful to God that I never asked money from my parents from that day.

    I know at that time my salary was not too much but the pleasure of getting it was too much as I never had earned before in my life. It was really thrilling and I can understand the emotions of your friend's son.


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    The excitement of first salary is beyond description. I would extend it to slightly more by telling that excitement of first earning itself is very exciting. I remember when I was in my class XI we had our summer holidays and I had no money with me to have fun with friends or fun in the local market for eating some cheap snacks etc. As my parents were going through a hardship there was no point in asking them money for my enjoyment and increase their griefs. So I tried to get some job something part time but I was not successful. They wanted grown up people for working in the shops. So I was just wandering here and there in the town and one shopkeeper who gave cycles on rent per hour asked me if I could sit in his shop for 3-4 hours in the afternoon as he had to go home and attend some works and he will come back by evening and release me. I asked him what he will give me. He told he cannot give anything but he would provide tea and some snacks and then I could use the cycle for 1-2 hours free of charge. As baggers are not choosers I accepted the offer. That was my first job and I learned cycling and enjoyed cycling whenever I liked in the town streets with pride in my eyes. I was excited.
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    It was really a happy incident to me when I received my first salary of Rs.300 in 1978, though I had other money with me then. As per instruction of my mother from Madurai, I immediately put a ten rupees in temple Hindi and bought some flowers for my aunt, as I was staying in Chennai, in my uncle's house.

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    The happiness of the first salary is different, then the amount of salary does not matter. I remember when I got my salary for the first time, I first made offerings to God as almost all of us do. I wanted to celebrate this moment with my loved ones but I was not with my family and friends at that time, so I gathered a small get to gather with the employees of my company batch who have joined the company with me on the same date. But I transferred some of my salaries to my family online and bought gifts for everyone when I went home after 6 months. I was also happy in the same way with the first amount at ISC when I got my first cash credit. All people spend their first salary according to their mind, but according to me, whatever you do, do whatever you want in which you feel good, it will be fine but do bring something to your parents.
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    True. When we earn for the first time by putting our own efforts, the happiness we get can't be expressed. After so many years of education, we may be getting a job for which we will be paid. We will have many desires and wishes. We want to make all our desires fulfilled. For that the money is very important and that we will get from our job only. So when we see some fruits of our hard work for the first time in the form of money really we will be very happy. Different people celebrate this occasion in different ways. I have purchased a transistor with half of my first salary in 19 79 and gifted that transistor to my mother. I remember event today, the happiness expressed by my mother on that day. It is good to know that you can provide a lead to one person in these difficult times to get a job and accept my sincere appreciations for your good gesture.
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    From the responses it is very clear that we cherish the first salary sight even today.
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    Not knowing what was my salary during my training, when I signed the first payroll, I found Rs. 7.50 as half month salary. I was happy to hold 3 new 2 rupee currency notes one one rupee note with a 50 paise coin. That was a great day. Alas! What to do? I had to spend it for my survival. There was no bank account for me. I kept a two rupee currency note in my diary. It remained with me for many long years.
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