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    One wrong answer actually suggests ignorance of two right answers

    This is just a thought that came up in my mind. Whether it be an examination or a quiz contest or for that matter, any occasion where you are answering a question, I think when you give a wrong answer to a question you are actually proving that you do not know answers to two questions. To make it more clear, let me cite an example. Say someone asks you who is the Chief Minister of West Bengal and you answer that it is Naveen Patnaik. So that means you have not only given a wrong answer to the question asked but have also suggested that you do not know who the Chief Minister of Odisha is. Therefore, I say that when you give a wrong answer to a question you are making it clear that you are ignorant of answers to two questions.

    I may be right or wrong. What do you feel about this observation?
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    This is very interesting post and making us to think twice before answering the question, any question, and it is better to check the feasibility of our answer whether it belongs and is the answer of some other question. So, answering a question wrong has its own side effects.
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    A good thought of the author that one wrong answer is applied to lacking in knowledge of answers of two questions simultaneously. The best way is to say that you don't know its answer if the answer is not known instead of trying to give wrong answer and it's nothing wrong to say 'I don't know'. In my opinion someone who says that 'I don't know' must be a knowledgable person' because he refrains from giving wrong answer if he's not aware of the right answer.

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    If we do not know the answer to a question then best thing is accept that and declare that we have no answer to that. There is nothing to feel sorry about that. No one in this world is so knowledgeable that one will be able to answer each question. We will answer only those questions which we know. By guessing or lying we will expose ourselves and get bad name as in future our answers will be seen with suspicion.
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    The author has said the right thing, often we make this mistake, and inadvertently but a wrong answer reveals our lack of knowledge about two different questions. Therefore, as advised by other writers, firstly, after thinking carefully the question should be answered, and secondly, if it is not known, it should be accepted and do not give the wrong answer. But yes sometimes it is mandatory when we have to choose one of the options as in many exams, then we should think and choose the answer as we have the only option.
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    The observation is very logical. In fact, after reading the thread an interesting thing came to my mind and that is why there are negative markings for wrong answers in some examinations. This thread helped me to think of it in this way. A 0 (zero) is for not knowing the answer and a deduction of marks, i.e. negative marking because the examinee has given a wrong answer even to the question that was not asked.

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    It is true. When I say some X is the chief Minister of so and so state. I don't know two things correctly. One is that who is the Chief Minister of so and so state. At the same time, I don't know what X is doing. You are thinking that he is CM. But it is proved that he is not the CM. Then what is he? One wrong will tell the others that you don't know two issues.
    If somebody asked me a question what are the units for area. If I say degrees centigrade. I don't know two things. One is the actual units of the area an the other is I don't that degrees centigrade are units for what parameter. This is another example which supports the statement of the author.

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