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    Why traditionally ladies did not have pockets in their dresses?

    Gents' clothes are full of pockets. It is there on the shirt, then it is there on the trousers and sometimes back pockets are also there and they keep so many things comfortably in them. Traditionally, ladies dresses do not have pockets. It is only now that some modern dresses are having pockets and mostly young girls are wearing them. Due to lack of pockets, ladies have to keep their purse in hand and it is so uncomfortable. What could be the reason behind this tradition of not having pockets in ladies dresses? Any idea?
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    Ladies use to wear saree in olden days so I don't think there is a provision to provide pocket on the same . Also in olden days ladies were not supposed to go alone so they didn't require money to keep. There were no mobile phones so there was no need to have pockets in the traditional dresses of ladies.

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    Women were once confined to the four walls of house and probably did not require pockets as they were generally required by people going for a job, standing in a bus, commuting far off distances, doing some technical job where both the hand are engaged etc. Today women are also going for job and many of them wear western outfits where pockets are very well there. Those who are still old fashioned and wear the traditional dresses are deprived of the pockets and have to keep a handbag or purse with them whenever they go out of the house for shopping or outing. So things are chaining a lot in this respect.
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    Pockets were present in western dresses and were used to keep important stuff like money, identity proof, etc. In those days women were thought as a symbol of grace, love, and kindness, they were not supposed to work for money or hold formal positions. I think that's the reason that their dresses didn't had pockets.

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    I don't know the exact and right answer, however, one thing comes in my mind that pockets are, generally, used for keeping money and women since ages had remained in homes so they did not require the pockets to carry money but men went out for shopping they needed pockets to carry money. Later on, it became a normal trend for men and women to have pockets in clothes and have not, respectively. When women also started to go out small handbag or purse were used by them.

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    Since time immemorial, ladies never walked out of their home. Young girls remained at home until marriage. After their marriage, they were accompanied by their hubbies. Women were like the tail behind their hubby. There was no need for ladies to carry cash. All their expenditures were met by their hubbies.

    When the culture has changed, with the modern women present, the ladies wear too have places to keep their purses. Many ladies carry their vanity bags which accommodates their money purse. Modern girls and women wear jeans and shirts that provide them enough space to accommodate things like purse, cell phones, credit/debit cards etc. Rural women in sarees keep their purse close to their heart which is the safest position to hold cash or purse.

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    I remember when I was younger, I once insisted to my grandmother that I have to buy a frock with a pocket, then to avert my stubbornness she gave me a strange reason that in old-age women clothes were not made into pockets. The mindset behind this was that if there would be pockets in women's clothes, then they would definitely keep something in their pockets. This will spoil their body texture, which will reduce the beauty of their body. This is the reason that pocket was not made in girls' shirts. Surprisingly, in ancient times, women are considered only the object of looking beautiful. However, as far as dress is concerned, now there has been a change, now the time is different. Now girls are the mistresses of their choice and all the protests Despite, she wears only the clothes of her choice. Now, whether he has to keep a pocket in his clothes or not, depends on his will.
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    The main reason I feel is that the traditional dress of a female, a saree, is ready-made but not tailor-made. If somewhere a pocket is made on the saree, it will not come on a specified place when a lady wears it. The position will vary based on the physique of the individual. But shirts those days are not ready-made but they are tailor-made. So tailors are able to provide a pocket after stitching the shirt as per the sizes of the individual. Dhotis which are ready-made for men also are not having pockets. Sarees are not stitched but they are weaved. so during making they can't provide pockets. Western dresses for ladies will also have pockets these days.
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    Ladies were dependent on gents who used to manage all the outside work. Ladies remained at home, hardly had the need to spend money. Present trend is entirely different. Ladies wearing sarees too have learnt ways and means to manage online payments through smart phones, can also keep hard cash.
    In gents pockets we can find lot of slips and bills related to various official and house maintenance but cash has become limited in their pockets too. For the bus or metro they have cards, debit, credit cards and so many online platforms to pay cash online. Now, without pockets also people can walk without any tension. The main thing is they should not loose their mobile phone, the major asset or part of their life. This contains all the data nd financial information of an individual.

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    Many members have already mentioned the probable reason why the dresses of ladies do not have pockets. Here is an interesting observation. The size of the purse the ladies carry is somewhat bigger than that of the purses carried by men. So, to accommodate such purses the pockets need to be shaped in that way on the dresses which will not look good. That may be one of the reasons. It's just my guess.

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