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    Do not exhibit a "holier than thou" attitude at any point in time..

    One of the big weaknesses of all human beings is to exhibit, sometimes unconsciously or even unintentionally, a "holier than thou" attitude. It works like this. We have some weakness, but constantly pick holes in someone else. We try to run down that person by talking ill of that person's behavior, or knowledge, or whatever. This often happens in offices where there is a good deal of politics.

    We should totally desist ourselves from doing so. It will always mean that we are ready to compromise on values like honesty and integrity and also consistency in living up to such values. We have to particular take notice of our weakness if any, and then totally eliminate it.
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    I have seen many such persons. They behave as if he is perfect and others are only at fault. When there is a problem in completing the task, the blame will go to another person and if the task is completed without any problem I did it and I am the person responsible for this. Such people will have the blessings of the top boss in some places and they may shine better than others in career growth. But in this entire process, the organisation will be at a loss. People who are sincere and work hard will lose their mind to work there and may leave.
    Every person should understand himself better and try to come out of the shortcomings he is having and try to acquire additional skills so that he will progress well. By blaming others are finding faults with other people you never think that you can progress. That will be always misleading. One should not compromise on values like honesty and integrity.

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    Unless you recognize and accept your weakness, then your weakness will not go away. Therefore, first, find your own weakness and follow it and overcome it. A man should know both his strengths and weaknesses. The results of efforts made to overcome weakness must be assessed. Also, see what results of the efforts made by ourselves. Are you trying in the right direction. This assessment will give an accurate picture of the efforts you have given. Every human has some weakness or strength. Some people struggle throughout their lives due to their weaknesses. Due to this, many failures are encountered in life. Some people get frustrated due to weaknesses and some knowledge about these weaknesses and face them. Some make these weaknesses their strengths. By adopting some principles, your weaknesses and forces can be identified.
    Swati Sharma

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