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    Structure may diffrerent but intention always would remain same

    The picture showing two birds which are different in structure and sitting on the same surface. One crow and one myna both belong to the different community and not mixing up with each other. They walking separately.
    The picture depicts that both have the same intention. In this world, either human being or birds all have the same intention regarding life. Everybody wants to make progress in life. Most of the human being wants to live life for self only. Likewise, birds also want to move freely on earth. They also want to make a nest for the safety of their life. If they get food from somewhere then don't want to share with others. Birds also avoid to other community birds.

    This is my entry for picture based TOW contest
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    I would request you to give a proper link so that it can be understood this thread is a part of the contest. Please look into the help topic How to create a hyperlink to find out the details.

    The important thing is the intention. If the intention is to progress then I would say all should have the same intention but different people have different intentions. Even you will find some people having the intention to disturb others. That should not be the case in any way. So, whatever maybe the size of the creature it has to live its own life without disturbing others.


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    Everyone is free to have his/her ways to live in this world regardless of who it is, whether human, animals or birds.

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    If everybody thinks about their development, there is no problem at all. But in the course of getting their intentions fulfilled if they are not disturbing other people if ther are not deceiving the other people, it is very good and no complaints. But many people never care for others in their attempts to progress. They don't bother about the sufferings of other people. That is selfishness and should not be encouraged. In the picture, at least one bird is not coming in the way of the other bird. That is good. If human beings also behave in that fashion it will be really appreciable.
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