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    Be an observer before deciding on your next course of action

    Observation is very important in every sphere of life. You need to observe whatever is happening around you and then have to take an appropriate decision. Whether you are playing a game, running a race or an animal chasing its prey if the observation is not good enough the chance will be lost. Actually, that's how all creatures on this earth evolved. The observation starts since the beginning of our existence and the more powerful the observation better is the decision. Without observing, it is not possible to decide our next course of action. Even during any investigation process minute observation of the place of activity for necessary clues is required. You also need to observe the activities of others when you possess something that needs protection.

    In the picture, the Crow and the Common Myna are in an interesting position and observing each other's action. The Crow is feeding on some grains and protecting its possession by observing what the Common Myna is doing and in the same way, the Common Myna is minutely observing how long the Crow is closely protecting its possession. If somehow the Myna finds any distraction on the part of the Crow it will swiftly move over and try to gain possession of the grains. So, be an observer first and then decide.

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    It is quite an interesting observation made by the author. You have penned down very well. We all need to be good observers to put forward a perfect step. It is a much-needed quality.

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    I do not go with the author's contention that be an observer before deciding on the next course of action because in real life, we have to be taking the next level of action if the present thing is not achievable or not in striking rate. We are not supposed to waste time in this competition world. The achievers are many and waiting to grab the misses from us and therefore being a observer to wait for chance may be the foolish idea. Moreover if you continue with this trait the other person would think that you are incompetent and thus sulking to fight the competition. We may be observer when the two people are fighting for their rights and we make sides with those who are right. We may be observers when wrong thing is happening to which we cannot have any say because we are not aware of the past and present situations.
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    Observation along with appropriate action is the key to a better working strategy. When we go out in the crowd or go to our workplace or sit with our family members or attend a function in society then everywhere there is a scope for observation. In each of these situations there is much to observe. These observational sessions have many learnings embedded therein and I am not surprised that if someone claims that he had learnt more from these observations than from the formal education. So, learning from observations is a great tool in our lives and it is a good way to acquire many things which we cannot learn even by verbal interrogation.
    There are busy people who tell something but simply forget it and do not bother. If we observe that we would become alert with their ways. I will give one example here. My friend casually told me that in the evening we will go to the market for such and such thing and then he took leave of me. I stopped him and asked him at what time we go. He thought for a while and told that he would be busy in some work so may be we might go next day. If I ask are you sure about the next day then he would tell that we would see that next day only. So, from his first gesture itself I knew that he was not firm in his intentions of going to market and just made a flying remark and left but my interrogation proved it. A good observation can read the mind of other person.

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    One should be a good observer always. Then only you will be aware of the issue going around you. You can win only when you have a good observation power. After winning the toss the captain has to decide on batting or bowling first. The captain can take the correct decision only when he observes the pitch properly and also observe the strong points and weak points of the opposite side. If he takes a decision after considering all these points, his decision will become a correct decision. Otherwise, the decision may go wrong. Observation is very important. Many theories evolved based on the observations made by the person. In any case, observations are crucial.
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    The author nicely represents the observation of birds. Observation is very important while making a decision, we are all familiar with the word observation, but being familiar with the word does not mean that we fully understand its expression. To understand the meaning of words one has to understand the seriousness of the words and take them down in life. When these words come into life, only then their secret is experienced which clarifies their feeling in us. Observation usually has a meaning - seeing, observing, but observation also has another meaning - looking inside, observing your thoughts. The mind which always thinks of others sees its thinking through observation. When we look at our thinking, we see our mistake in it. It is the law of nature that wherever it can be forgotten, the work of improvement will start from there.
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    The author has explained his view about picture based contest. I agree that we should observe what is happening around and accordingly we should take our decision. In certain situation more chosen observation is required where the matter is quite serious.

    What he has written about observation by birds I think it's well explained.

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    While reading the write-up, the first thought that came to my mind was a quote from Yogi Berra "You can observe a lot by watching". It stands very true that one can learn a lot by watching things around them and grasping the positive and negative course action from it. By doing an investigation on that observation, they will be able to use it for themselves when they will fall under such circumstances. The thought and concept of the picture are received and well explained by the writer.
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