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    Orphans look for our help

    Often, the news is published in newspapers that girls of the orphanage are used as a concubine by rich people or donor or the organizer and so on. Many girls run away from the orphanage to find a safer place for them but hunted by wrong-doers who sell them to flesh-businessmen and thus, these girls become prostitutes or in some cases, they choose their career as call-girl to earn money for a better life.
    And also we see boys from orphanage coming to our door asking for money.

    In an orphanage, those kids or small children are raised who as kids are left alongside a road or on a heap of garbage or in a hospital or somewhere else. Either they are deprived of the shadow of their parents or are illegitimate kids. When nobody claims to have them, therefore, people or police send these kids/ children to orphanage and they are raised there. Their orphanage is their home, manager and other staff are their relatives and children are brothers and sisters. How they are treated and fed in an orphanage we don't know. What they feel. How they see this society we can't imagine.

    Those married couples who feel pity for them whether or not they have children if adopt one child, his/her entire ambience will be changed. He/she can have a bright future. It will be a great deed.

    You might have heard about Arpita Khan, sister of Bollywood superstar Salman Khan. She was an orphan. On red light, you can see children coming closer to you and begging. Arpita would also beg at a red light. Slim Khan, Salman's father, would give her money. One day her parents died. When he came to know about it he brought her his home brought her up as his second daughter. Now, she is married to Ayush Sharma, a film actor, son of Anil Sharma, Congress leader of HP and grandson of Sukhram Sharma, the late cabinet minister.
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    It is a good thought raised by author. Citizens have a duty towards the orphans in the sense that instead of having more and more children of their own they should go for adoption of children from the orphanage. If this is done by many people on a large scale then it will eventually solve the problem of increasing number of orphans in the orphanage. I have seen many people nowadays going for adoption and it is a good sign in the society. There is no difference between ones own child and the orphan from the orphanage house. It is only our mindset that we think them different.
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    Ever wonder how God can make such a cruel thing with some innocent children. Being obedient becomes the biggest curse for a child. Normal people are never able to understand their suffering, but it is the duty of every human in the country to try to understand the pain of those children. It may be easy to leave the child at the gate of the orphanage, but it is very difficult to spend the whole life as an orphan. It is not that the sensitivity in society is over. Some people adopt orphaned children and cherish their lives with a lot of love. If we are financially capable, without giving the name, we can be a help in bringing happiness and success in the life of a child, and we can make life meaningful by becoming a partner of this great work.
    Swati Sharma

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    I feel pity for such kids and hate parents who leave their kid on the road, garbage or in the hospital to get rid of him/her. I have not met any orphan child in the reality but I have read in news and seen movies how they are treated in orphanage.

    It's sad that the girls over there are used as a concubine and sold in the flesh market. I remember the movie Ghazani where the actress saves such kids from being sold.

    It's upsetting that in our society we have people who even don't spare the kids.

    Few years back I went to the red light area in Delhi and saw most of the prostitutes there were of the age group 16-18 years. I was shocked to see it and curse our society who have thrown them to do it to feed themselves.

    It would really be wonderful if people could adopt a child from there so that he/she can have a good future like our own kids.


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    Today morning I visited an orphanage which is about 4 KMs from my house. My elder son also came with me. We have donated some clothes which are good to use but the sizes are not suitable for us. The manager accepted them happily. There I have seen some boys who are very active and enthusiastic.
    There are good orphanages where the management will take care of the kids very nicely. But some orphanages are trying to make money in the name of these kids. Many unfortunate kids never had the fortune of enjoying the love and affection of near and dear. Such people will be always looking for some help from unknown persons and they will be really grateful to such persons who help them in building their lives. I know a person whose parents died during his early childhood and come up in life by helping the families in the village. He studied well while serving the people and started earning by working in a private school. He completed his BEd and now he is a teacher in a government school.

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    Orphans are everywhere though their number is more in populated and poor countries. They are the unfortunate lot who have to be on the mercy of orphan houses and we do not what type of treatment they get there. There are many news items which say that orphans are sold elsewhere for body parts or for making them begged for earning money or even they are employed in the narcotic distribution and supply and if they are caught no one comes to save them. They are the most neglected people on Earth and only adoption can save them from all these traps and vices that are forced in their lives by the evil elements in the society. People should come forward to adopt the orphans. Some of my relatives have adopted a few of them and it is really a good trend that people have started to think in those lines. If we can make the life of an orphan person comfortable what can be a better and noble thing than that.
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