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    Little lost in life any advice can be helpful

    I have recently completed my BCA degree, got 47% which is quite low and can't find any jobs right now. I have got really depressed lately and I don't now how to improve my situation at the moment. Any advice would be helpful
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    Ravi Sharma,

    Take heart, be resilient and strong. Low marks in an exam and no work currently is not the end of everything. It should, on the contrary, help you to take time to think things over. Consider improving your skills in something through free online courses such as creating a website and promoting it on social media (This is a big requirement nowadays). A BCA Degree indicates computer skills so what can you do with that is what you need to think of. Check out NGOs that may require data work to be done or other places where computer-related work is required, such as a clinic or library or small broker's office. Don't focus on what you don't have (a job) but on what you can do with what you have (your skills).

    At some point in life, we all are a little lost, a bit nonplussed. I've gone through that phase too! On completing my postgraduation, I didn't quite know even where I was headed or what to do, even joined a mehndi class (of all things!) as a pass-time. Then decided to firmly take a grip on things, learned MS-Office at a nearby computer institute, looked up jobs in the newspaper, attended interviews, finally did get a job. After that took up freelance content writing work which paid not much, but got me interested, discovered my love for writing, and eventually landed here. It's been a long journey to being financially independent. There will definitely be a turning point in your life. Just focus please on your own plus points, don't despair. In the meanwhile, start here with a few contributions in the forum and Ask Expert section and participate in contests. You can earn a small part-time income.

    All the best!

    When you make a commitment, you create hope. When you keep a commitment you create trust! ~ John C. Maxwell

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    Though your present phase does not look encouraging, but to say that there is no way to change the same would not be a correct answer. While going through the posting of our Managing Editor, you would certainly feel that there are numerous ways to tackle the present situation with your optimistic note. Have the courage and proceed with any job whatever comes in your way for which you have some passion.
    Though this would not be your ultimate destination but your engagement would restore your confidence to forge ahead. You can even think of some certification course such as oracle, ERP or Java provided you have your inclination in any one of modules. Such certifications have their demands even today and this will enhance your employment potential.
    Divide your time rationally. If you join ISC, you will have wonderful experience. You may even be interested to post your views in Forum Section and such an involvement would prove to be mutually benificial.

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    Ravi, first I welcome to this site where you can definitely engage for some time, out of your time in hand, for further studies or during trying for a job.
    The phase through which you are going comes in the life of many students and there is no point in getting disheartened. When I did my PG long back with good percentage, I did not get a good job for 3-4 years and had to be contended with many small jobs which right now I cannot mention also. So, please do not think like that and there is no need to be depressed. You have done BCA but unfortunately you could not do well. No problem. Life is a long journey and it can be shaped at any stage if one is really interested in that. First of all you have to find out by introspection as what is your interest. Are you interested in computer line or teaching line or business or some small office job or some technical work etc. This is very important as you can only be successful in your line of interest. One works hard and sincerely there only.
    Once you find out that, then you have to select some certificate or diploma course in that stream and as it is your area of interest you would definitely be achieving good score in it. After that only you can apply for a related job in a company or in the industry.
    Another option is try to appear in some competitive exam like primary or junior school teacher post where one can with some hard work get success.
    You could not score does not mean that you cannot teach well also. My school Mathematics teacher was the best among so many I have seen in my career. He was extraordinary but instead of teaching in a university he was teaching in a school because he got very low percentage in his UG/PG degrees.
    There are so many tuition centres, tutorial classes for school students. You can try to teach there also.
    The mantra for success is very straight and that says that do not stop struggling and have dignity of work. Opportunity comes only to them who are active and laborious. Forget the past and forget whatever happened. A new life is waiting for you and take advantage of it.
    If you want to know about the various academic and technical courses in our country then in this site itself go to the course section by clicking here and you will get plenty of information on the various courses and may be you find that something interesting to you is available there.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Ravi Sharma I do understand your feelings but what I state that you are better placed that you scored less mark and not detained. Please imagine the position of those students who missed to passed by just two or three marks and they may even forgo one precious year preparing for another exam. And you must feel happy that you passed out and need not feel low as you could not get the job. Academic qualification alone does not decide the caliber of the person. Your behavior, your knowledge of other things, your hidden talent matters the post during the job interviews and never feel that your low marks would hinder the chances of new jobs. There are many companies who want freshers and trainees for them they teach and make you learn and for that superlative knowledge and certificates are not needed nor necessary.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Ravi, Welcome to the site.

    I understand the situation you may be going through. 47% in BCA is considered to be too low. But world doesn't end here . I am not sure if you can get admission in MCA with this percentage if yes then you should take admission in it and do well. You may be having lots of options after doing MCA.

    Don't be upset because not all the employers consider the percentage they see your skills and if you have practical knowledge then you may not face that much problem that you are thinking of.

    I have seen engineering students of my college who didn't get good percentage but are working well abroad so you don't need to panic but should definitely decide what to do know in future and in my opinion you should go for the post graduation and hope things get well for you once you complete it. All the best. Be cheerful.


    " The two most important days in your life are the day when you are born and the day you find out why? "
    – Mark Twain

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    You are most welcome on ISC. If you have got fewer marks after your result, then do not be disappointed at all. There are many ways to move forward in life. You can prove yourself again in the entrance exam for further studies. Therefore, prepare strongly. There are many examples where students who bring down the number of graduates are working in a big company today, so there is no need to bother or take the stress. For success in life, not only the exam score matters but your ability matters. There are many options still open for you. If you want, you can also complete your studies through correspondence. There are still many career options for those who do not bring good marks. If you are not disappointed, just keep encouraging then the path will come out automatically.
    Swati Sharma

    Keep your Face to the SunShine

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    Ravi Sharma, I welcome to this site and I wish you all the best.
    If one door is getting closed, there will be another which is open for you. In this life, there are many ways to go forward. There are many ways to live. It is really difficult to digest the fact that you got a less percentage in your BCA. But don't get disappointed. This is not the end. There are many ways to continue the struggle.
    Start thinking in positive directions. These days in rural areas some manufacturing industries are coming and those industries are also trying to implement computer systems in their administration and they take people like you. They may pay a little less salary. But you can start and have some good experience. Then start doing some online courses which will help you in getting new skills in your area of work. This experience and the new skills will make you get a new job in a good company. Once you put up a good experience your score in BCA may not be a hindrance for your progress.

    always confident

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    Welcome to this site and today many of our youngsters are going through the same turmoil as you have mentioned in your post. One thing which I can say is that a low percentage in ones exam is not the end of the life. It is only an indication of ones academic potentials. There are so many shopkeepers who are uneducated but earning a lot of money from their business. So do not get perturbed because you had low marks. Try to concentrate to make a career in some other line where your interest is there so that you can excel and success in that arena. There are many things a person can attempt apart from academics.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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